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Chick Flick: The Nightmare on Elm Street (2010) Review + Daily Glamour Bonus!

Why hello again sailors & rockers, sailorettes & rockettes! This post was not planned but I had gotten invitations for "The Nightmare on Elm Street"'s opening and so I thought I'd give you my first ever cinema review. (Don't worry, it's SPOILER-free!)
I attended with a friend and I confess my expectations weren't all that high, considering that the last decade of horror movie remakes has proven but one thing - "If it isn't broke, don't fix it" is a very wise saying! But there I went, giving it the benefit of a doubt, and I must say I wasn't at all impressed. The technique used in the shooting was indeed wonderful and you could see that they weren't counting pennies when filming it, which makes it all the more strange that some of the special effects were so bad and unrealistic!  This could have been prevented if they had invested in suspense rather than portraying so many gorey scenes. Still, as a person who tends to be easily troubled, I only jumped in my chair two or three times... silly me, those were only a few of the cliché horror movie moments we all know and (don't) love. Nevertheless, and although the script was full of "valley english"-type dialogs, the plot was carefully walked through and it had tonnes of potential, only to be spoiled by their eagerness to focus the little things (too bad they chose the wrong ones!). In my personal opinion, their main error was the Hollywood misconception, or perhaps tendency, to turn the characters into narrators and impose a internal trail of thought to the viewer, underestimating it and thus making it less appealing and addictive - no one likes to be undervalued. Still, they sticked to the original version well enough and used all the details thoroughly, not spoiling the original story like so many remakes are accused of, so it must be a good view for those who enjoy the first!
I can't help but wonder if it is all a question of quality or some sort of romantic fog we create around all-things-vintage; on a closer look, they weren't all that perfect but our naivitë at a younger age or indulgence because they had fewer resources tend to alter our perception of these little blasts from the past. Personally, I think there is nothing like the first flicks - not because they were oh so well made, but because like the my beloved Alfred Hitchcock said "There is no terror in the bang, only in the anticipation of it." and having no way of creating the bang, the way the directors enphasised the feeling of anticipation has some hint of magic I can never grow tired of.

I also took the chance to take a pictures of what I like to call daily glamour, that being dressing fairly well without overdoing it! After all, it was a Thursday night movie screening and a feather boa wasn't exactly in order!
As you can see my camera and I don't like each other so much, but that's a whole new story. I was wearing a H&M t-shirt & pale pink fishnets, a La Redoute highwaisted skirt, chinese store shoes & rose+pearl bracelet  and my little vintage bag which I got from an online thrift community. I used basic foundation, black eyeliner on my top eyelid and see-through glitter pencil on my eyes and a natural looking Docteur Glamour lipstick to glow without putting up too much of a show! I wish I had better pictures to share but these will have to do. So today's style tip is using the essential foundation with gloss or nude-like lipstick, a simple touch of black eyeliner on the top eyelid paired with a soft toned glittery eyeshadow for a hint of glam and non-black fishnets, pretty printed tshirts with highwaisted skirts and mixing different accessories; why not put together something you'd wear out for day shopping with one of your clubbing must haves? You have to do with what you've got, and nothing feels better than shopping in your own closet and going out with something completely new out of what you've already had for ages.

Don't forget to participate in our Opening Giveaway - you just need to send a picture of your rock n' roll style or a polyvore outfit to be voted - the best two outfits will get fabulous 925 silver plated sailor bracelets, my treat.

Mafalda xox

PS: And stay tuned for updates - new Ink & Accessories features are on the way..!

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Good Lord! I'm impressed!
I beleave that i'll start following up this sailorettes' thing in order to improve myself!

The astonished poor old Father

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Why thank you! You flatter me. I'll be happy to have you as a follower. x

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