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Opening Giveaway Entries for vote! [Closed 23:59 03/06/10]

Today's the 30th which means it's time to start voting for the best looks and the two most voted will get the lovely bracelets!

What's your favourite look?
#1 Vanessa
#2 Sophia
#3 Ines
#4 Joana
#5 Filipa
#6 Daniela
#1 Vanessa

#2 SophiaSin título

#3 Inês

#4 Filipa

#5 Joana

#6 Daniela

As you can see, my readers have a wide range of tastes and I'm so glad it is so - I love new and different things!
Note: If anyone is rude or insults a person or their entry you will be immediatly blocked out from the blog and your comments deleted - I will not withstand lack of basic manners and civility!

And the winners are... #1 Vanessa and #3 Inês! I'll email you now, and send your prizes out tomorrow, congratulations girls! <3

4 comentários:

Jackpot disse...

May the best gal win!

GhoulieGirl disse...

Amen! :)

Federico Panarello disse...

I like really much sophia's outfit!!!

Anónimo disse...

Daniela & Vanessa: Gals! We have 2 prizes for two lucky girls :)
Le garçon: Thank you, I like it too - subtle and elegant, just how it should always be! x

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