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Retail Therapy: Cool de Sac at Principe Real Live + Visiting Andreia Proença's Atelier and Shop!

As I had mentioned before, this is a very busy (and prolonged!) weekend for this sailorette of yours and I'm keeping you updated daily today til sunday so you can enjoy reading about every second of it as soon as I get home.
Firstly I had the pleasure of meeting Alexa (to whom I dedicate today's song choice) and going to see what was happening at Cool de Sac's own event within the huge iniciative that is Principe Real Live - all the shops in the area are open until 23h00 from this Thursday to Sunday and there are live performances not only in music but also in circus arts, dance, etc. I find it a wonderful way to cheer up the area and celebrate its renovation; we need to take better care of our cities' centre.
A circus art performance I walked past while on the gardens.

Isn't it oh-so-pretty? These are just a few details from the wonderful Cool de Sac Boutique in which you could find not only the delicious TEASE mini-cupcakes but also MAC make-up by a professional artist today. As it was my first visit, I looked around a lot and was truly surprised. Indeed, it is a high end shop but they cater very ecletic lines from different foreign brands for affordable prices and the quality of the products is flawless. From bohemian to burlesque influences and trends, there was something for everyone and anyone - isn't that about the best you could ask for? All in all, I was very happy to have this oportunity to get to know the shop, their lovely staff and the owner with whom I took a picture.
Thank you Maria and Cool de Sac staff team for these lovely moments!
So if you value the experience of shopping beyond looking through racks and want to feel welcomed in a lovely timeless, romantic and fun atmosphere Cool de Sac is definately a one-stop-shop for you!

Moving on, we were going back home but we could never have went past Bairro Alto without making a very special visit... to Galeria de Exclusivos, atelier & shop for the talented Andreia Proença! Unfortunately we often miss out on these places just under our noses, walking down the street, but once I entered the store I didn't know where to turn, with all the shiny, pretty pieces around.
The artist standing by her works.
 Doesn't it look so cute and offbeat? Her works are just a part of the alternative design offered at Galeria de Exclusivos, in between clothes, bags, hats and millinery and, of course, original jewellery.

I had fallen in love with one of her Doll House Acrylic Collection necklaces when we first met in Mercado Urb and she surprised me with a package... with it in it! I'm so very happy, I love the fact that blogging gives me the oportunity to search new places and events and find such interesting and nice people as I have so far!
Isn't it just the prettiest? You can find it, along with the rest of the collection, here.
I hope you enjoyed reading through just as much as I enjoyed being there, stay tuned for my tale of a very special art event tomorrow night!

Mafalda xox

11 comentários:

Unknown disse...

oh my! Adorei as duas lojas e o teu post! <3

Os artigos da andreia Proença são lindos, e a Cool de Sac, sem dúvida uma loja a visitar (Romantismo, que mais se pode pedir? :) ).

nice pics!

thanks Mafalda! <3

Anónimo disse...

Amei!!!! Os acessórios são lindos!!!! <3

Tenho de visitar as lojas!

PS.: As fotos estão muito boas!

Anónimo disse...

Sophia: Obrigada, achei que este era mesmo o teu estilo e aparentemente não me enganei! Concordo plenamente <3

Kritters: Pois são! <3 é sem dúvida das minhas favoritas no meio. Espero que tenhas oportunidade no futuro hihi oh, a minha maquina nao e nada de mais mas fico agradecida <3

Anónimo disse...

I just love the tophats!! Awesome stuff in this store

Anónimo disse...

So do I! You need to go there, it's kinda close to your work, too. <3

Jackpot disse...

Ai, aqueles chapéus... Que lindos! Obrigada pela review. :)

Anónimo disse...

Pois são, é tudo adorável, e definitivamente um mimo ao vivo. Eu é que tenho a agradecer o acompanhamento do blog, espero que os conteúdos continuem a impressionar e agradar!

a m c m disse...

Gostei muito de ontem :D foi divertido! Beijo e continua, o blog está a ficar muito bom!

Anónimo disse...

Também eu :D
Obrigada pelos elogios, continuarei!

Alexandra Neto disse...

Oi! Conheci o teu blogue através do Mini Saia!

Só vim dar apoio pelos coments feitos, que nem merecem comentários mesmo! Aquilo é um baixo nível do piorio... :S

Beijinhos - gostei do blogue!

Anónimo disse...

Ao menos algo de bom veio de lá.
Vou deixar de seguir o blog e participar porque realmente não é isso que quero no meu blog, nem o tipo de pessoas a quem me quero associar.
Fico feliz, espero que continues a acompanhar!

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