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Retail Therapy: Mercado URB 2nd Day Review!

So as I said I attended Mercado URB last Sunday and had a blast! It was located in the POST Cultural Colective space, just by a old decaying factory (which would indeed make a lovely place for photoshooting, but that's a whole new story) in a big space which was shared by a number of stalls from the most diverse craftsmen & women. It was so interesting to see how they invited a lot of alternative/modern design projects, each within their own spectrum, and they all shared the space harmoniously as if it were one shop by itself. There we saw accessories made with unusual tecniques in different materials, tattooing, piercing, paper-made furniture, alternative wood furniture, recycled fashion, make-up and even fold-out bycicles! How cool is that? I was lucky enough to stay with Sandra in the 2nd room in which we found not only the fashion space and paper furniture but also the vynil records! The owner was back and forth from his stall and the DJ booth, playing sweet garage and rock n' roll classics all through the afternoon which gave us the oportunity to dance or just relax at the bar lounge just by enjoying the music.
As I mentioned, living in central Lisbon is a bit depressing on Sundays because nothing's open and you see no-one around the neighbourhoods so this weekend event was right down my alley, and I will now share some pictures with you.

From the outside you'd never tell what's inside!

View from the middle of the room at the lounge...

Do check out all the lovely, gifted people I put up links for! Everyone was so very nice and open, it made the event a really pleasant experience.
And last but not least, introducing Sandra Duarte and her accessories!
 Us together on Móveis de Cartão's works while looking at one of Sandra's illustration/watercolour booklets <3
She was such a sweetheart that she even gave me a one of a kind bag from her last collection (she is working on another one at the moment) I really loved and you can see here. All I can do is tell you all it was a very well accomplished piece, fully lined with sturdy materials and in which no detail was left out - I do know my sewing and crafts, and this was definately made with skill and love!

Sandra Duarte started tattooing in 2007, after working in body piercing, industrial fashion design, costume designing for TV and making her own lines of clothes and accessories and hasn't stopped since. A gifted artist, she also creates her own characters in the style of Tim Burton and her favourite works portray just that, with her own creative influence of a rock n' roll and psychobilly imaginary world. Her favourite canvas is the human skin, although she also does paintings and watercolours, besides all her original tattoo drawings. You can see her works in her Facebook page and find her at Heart of Buda Tattoo & Piercing Studio (Rua Abade Faria 8-A, Alameda, Lisboa. 218474265)

As a present for all my readers and followers, if you mention MAFALDA PRINCESS DOLL or the blog SAILORETTES, LOVE & ROCK N' ROLL when you go tattoo or pierce with Sandra you get 10% OFF now until the end of June '10!

Mafalda xox

PS: Tomorrow I'll be at Principe Real Live and I promise to bring news and pictures! <3
And for those who liked the sort of works portrayed above, why not visit the 25th Feira da Ladralternativa?

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Unknown disse...

Gostei muito do post e não faltarei ao próximo evento do Mercado URB! Não conhecia :) Obrigada por divulgares!


Anónimo disse...

Obrigada Sophia :) faço o meu melhor para me manter a par e partilhar estas coisas boas com @s meus/inhas leitor@s <3

Jackpot disse...

Muito interessante. Ainda bem que há cada vez mais espaço e aceitação do mercado alternativo.

Anónimo disse...

Obrigada :) sinto o mesmo, é óptimo ter mais por onde escolher fora do mainstream!

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