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Summertime Daily Glamour: Hello Sailor & Dead can Sunbathe + Sneak at my Next Feature !

Dear Sailors & Sailorettes;
Today I was unexpectedly (and forcedly!) dragged  to the beach with my honey Fieber and I thought I'd post you something like what we wore! We sunbathed, laughed and had a really cool time in sunny Estoril, Cascais.
Hello Sailor (Beach I)Tendencias de Moda y Estilos - Polyvore

My outfit, or the closest I could get to it (my bikini was black x red with embroidered cherries and red bows) with a bonus - my banner's Vintage Barbie bathing suit! I wish I had one just like it.

Dead can Sunbathe (Beach I)Tendencias de Moda y Estilos - Polyvore

And Fieber's outfit. She looked lovely with her skull-quilted white x black bikini and casual outfit without losing her glam touch with the glasses and the 50s touch with the polkadot dress!

Tomorrow (23rd of May) I'll be attending Mercado Urb right here in Lisbon to take pictures for Sandra Duarte from Heart of Buda Tattoo & Piercing with her psychobilly and rockabilly styled accessories, and she will be tattooing and piercing aswell so it will be the whole shebang! It's a great project since they put together handicrafts and design, tattoo and piercing, music and books, art and entertainment - it's sounds like a perfect sunday in what usually turns into a ghost town!
 I will write on the event and post a few of our photoshoot pictures, plus a little surprise for my dear readers and followers so stay tuned for more.

Mafalda xox

4 comentários:

Unknown disse...

Hiii... great music!


kiss me quick disse...

wow k inveja, esse mercado parece ser mesmo muito bom.
Podiam traze-lo para o Porto! ^^

xxx kissmequick

Anónimo disse...

Ivania: Obrigada! <3
kiss me quick: Foi muito divertido! Partilho fotos, crítica e surpresa especial para as minhas leitoras em breve, vai ser um post enorme! <3

Unknown disse...

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