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The Bohemian Weekender: Rock around the Clock at Alburrica Bar & The Wonderland Club

Hello once more, rockers & rockettes!
Today's the first day of summer, and those not on holidays must be daydreaming or planning theirs so this entry was in order. Firstly, I'd like to introduce Alburrica Bar.

Located across the river from Lisbon, in the sea-bound city of Barreiro, Alburrica Bar is a bar with a history they try to keep alive, not only by keeping the original name but also channeling a past era of  subtle glamour in the design choices for the space. Personally, I find night outings full experiences and Alburrica is indeed the whole shebang; the great environment is complimented by the lovely staff and the wide variety of DJ choices, ranging from the calmer times to rock n' roll and punk nights or even post-punk and darkwave for a change. They also host concerts and shows, Cais do Sodre Cabaret shows or Hysteria Iberika concerts serving as example, so here's a place you won't get tired of easily! I visited last  on the 12th of June and had a blast - it was DJ A Boy Named Sue spinning records and so I could be found dancing everything and anything from the swinging 50s to the raging 70s.

And this weekend I went to a different party on this side of the river with the same vibe - The Wonderland Club!
With music by DJs Pedro Chau (ex-Tédio Boys) and Corrine Dumas (ex-Baton Rouge), it was a night to remember with less than obvious 60s Garage, Surf and Rock n' Roll choices I really loved. Located in Berlin Bar, in Rua do Diário de Noticias right in the middle of Bairro Alto, their location is another strong point not to miss these rockin' parties! I can still remember when The Wonderland Club was in different spots every month, now we get to enjoy the ambience, the vintage movie screenings and matching sound choices with different DJs every weekend for June and beyond! Why not give in to temptation and go enjoy these summer nights time travelling?

Mafalda xox

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Jackpot disse...

Obrigada pelas fotos, ainda não tinha visto fotos do Alburrica. Infelizmente, não pude ir lá passar som... Talvez futuramente :D

Anónimo disse...

Ora essa =) estão disponíveis no Myspace e Facebook do bar. Terei que dar um toque ao Sr. Adriano nesse sentido, acho que ia ser muito interessante! *

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