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The Bohemian Weekender: Softcore Edition!

Hello once again, lovelies!
            This weekend I had to move out of my house and so I couldn't do a lot during the day, although I did go out at night to catch up with my friends and say goodbye - I'll be officially out of the big city from this week until September and will write from London in July, and the Algarve in August. This means I get to change the scenery and you get to read & see all about it!
            The moment I was through with packing and moving my things I went to the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation to see the current exhibits and stroll around the breathtakingly beautiful gardens. The Foundation is widely known for its role in developing and improving the state of national culture eversince its creation in the 1950s. Since my childhood days I can recall my mom telling me about how the Calouste Gulbenkian van would drive their temporary library around cities and towns to give every child a chance to read that they, on occasions, otherwise wouldn't when she was my age, and I am, to this day, thrilled at the idea of a private institution of public utility that shares a wealthy private collection and exquisite works of art from various ages in their exhibits, as well as hosting congresses, concerts, theatre, ballets and even allows free use of the gardens in which you can spend some quality leisure time - I go there for afternoon picnics whenever I can and it feels like I'm out of the city without even leaving it!

This is me in my sunday frolics & afternoon joy.

         The Foundations' spotlights at the moment are on the Constant Le Breton Retrospective and Larger Than Life byVasco Araújo and Javier Téllez exhibitions, which I had to visit - I was terribly excited to know what they were all about, being the first time I had any contact to these artists. I won't be writing any spoilers though, I want you to go see them for yourselves so I'll just say that the Constant Le Breton Retrospective is a very wide and interesting collection of his works that give us an accurate view of the leading art movement in the first half of the XX century and beyond, evidenciating the great themes of the era; from still lifes to modern Paris, and the houses' ambience without leaving landscapes and portraits behind, this set of watercolours and paintings is delightful and guaranteed to please the viewer's eye. On Larger than Life we find a different era but also diferent media of conveying a powerful message; putting together the portuguese Vasco Araújo with the venezuelan Javier Téllez concerning their similar backgrounds and artistic orientations in parallel, never having worked side by side, creates a wider, more complete concept. While Araújo builds on trauma and dysfunction, Téllez's work grows from his collaboration with mental patients tearing down walls of tabu and prejudice to create a greater understanding and wider view of ourselves, the world and the way we interact with it.
But enough talking, here are some pictures I snatched while visiting...
Who can't resist stopping by for a visit after these teasers? Hope you can't.

Mafalda xox

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Unknown disse...

That looks amazing!

Anónimo disse...

Thank you, I think so too! If you ever come to Lisbon you should definately visit. x

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