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Confronting Culture: the Bohemian Weekender, Porto edition!

As previously stated, I went over to Porto to meet some friends and celebrate EGL Portugal's 4th Anniversary aswell a very special birthday - Joana (EGL Admin, Améthyste's lovely owner & also a big friend of mine) had her birthday party in advance. So our first stop Friday night would be the Améthyste Boutique. We were at awe with all the lovely clothes from their own new collection and the japanese brands the store carries in more kawaii, decora or visual kei trends - they are the first and only to do so in Portugal, which makes it all the more fun to visit a store in which you can see, try on and buy these offbeat styles. I'm guilty of a bit of a shopping spree myself, but that's a whole new subject.

We really wanted to use every second of our time over, and so our host took us to see this year's edition of Feira do Livro Porto where we got to see some stalls and eat candy & cupcakes, then going to the nightlife area and stopping by Janela Indiescreta. I felt like home, not only because it was DJ A Boy Named Sue spinning records but also because the design and environment of the club was right down my alley, and everyone was oh-so-nice. It will definately be on my list for future visits, and it should be on yours too if you like modern decor combined with retro styled music and movie screenings and suave tunes!
Unfortunately we did have to sleep in order to go on with our frilly ordeal the next morning and so we had to leave sooner than I'd have liked! We went for a stroll after waking up and visited Rosa Chock Vintage, a delish Vintage shop with really accessible prices and unique pieces. I got a lovely Easy Boys 70s sailor skirt and a cute dolly white shirt (made in Portugal!) for a bargain and it made my day, but I couldn't stop looking around - the store has a sort of anachronic feel to it, and is very kitsch and cluttered which actually adds to its charm! It's most definately a one-stop-shop for Vintage lovers of all ages, sizes, and budgets. But shopping wasn't our (only) goal for the day and moving on we went to my absolute favourite place up north -  Rua Miguel Bombarda! Its own Centro Comercial Bombarda hosts high street fashion and design stores but also art galleries, and outside the streets are coloured by stores and businesses on the same wavelenght - different, modern and unique are three words you cannot avoid when describing this art district, the first of its kind Portugal who has been and keeps promoting art and culture for all with their simultaneous exhibit openings and frequent performances and activities. While strolling there, two of my favourite store-finds on site were Kuri Kuri, a lovely store that presents both classic and modern japanese food, toys, accessories, and other relevant products and Quarto de Cima, a delicious boutique stocking portuguese and foreign designers in a very particular mood that is bound to seduce fashion lovers passing by.

This was how we looked on the afternoon, since our cultural stroll and (short) tea party in Culto do Chá was included in a Lolita meeting that had been planned earlier.

But no saturday evening can be wasted, let alone in another city that not our own, and there we were on our way to Serralves em Festa. I had never visited Serralves, but had waited to for years and was far from disapointed! Through the 40 hours of this free-entry event everyone could watch concerts, screenings and performances as well as visit the photography, installation, sculpture and painting exhibits or simply hang around the museum's pleasant gardens.

And the second day of meeting, this was how we looked! We were all a bit beat from going to Serralves the night before but it was a day to celebrate and so everyone dressed up in their frilliest, most elegant Lolita get-up to go eat Chinese.
After lunch and dressing down for the train ride back home, this was how I looked:

Thanks for reading through, hope you liked it.

Mafalda xox

PS: If you want to put on your dancing shoes this weekend, it doesn't matter what your coordinates are... you can't miss out on these!



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Jackpot disse...

Estiveste muito perto de mim, hun. Fica para a próxima!
A Rosa Shock é um must!


Anónimo disse...

Pois foi. Teremos mais oportunidades, decerto!
Também achei, tinha tanta coisa deliciosa <3

Anónimo disse...

Oooh, mudaste o header e o layout. :D
Adoro, está delicioso, dá-me vontade de comer coisas extremamente calóricas.

Anónimo disse...

Sim ^_^
Obrigada, fico feliz que tenhas gostado xox

thriftylilpixie disse...

Great blog!

Anónimo disse...

Thank you hun! x

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