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Confronting Culture: Yet another bit of art!

Hello again, dear Sailors & Sailorettes!
My visit to the Algarve got unexpectedly prolonged giving me the chance to visit Centro Cultural de Sao Lourenço, my favourite art gallery in the whole wide world. It first opened in 1981 by the hand of Volker and Marie Huber, the outstanding couple whom renovated these country houses into a single unit we now know as an Art Centre, and my parents had the honour of meeting, taking me there many years later when I grew up. Unfortunately fate had it Marie Huber would have to manage the Centre by herself after Volker's unexpected passing, and she has since been the great entrepreneur behind the hundreds of exhibits that took place in CCSL throughout the years. I have had the pleasure of training there a few years ago and what I loved most about it was that everyone worked in a very warm and familiar environment, and visitors are welcomed with open arms, getting an unique chance of seeing high end international Art and even purchasing it in the heart of the sunny Algarve. At the moment, the Centre hosts timely classic music concerts, temporary exhibits of different tecniques and works by international artists and Mrs. Huber's own private collection you can glance at in the gardens and pateo just outside, but they are also known for their fantastic openings and vernissages, besides the wide collection of works available for purchase all year long, thus being a hot spot for culture vultures.

 Me and Cristina with the Centre's mascott, Minu ♥
The current exhibit focuses on recent works by Juan Martinez and will be up until the 24th of July 2010.

"Primitive cries, savage spirits, written pictures, painted pictures, causes and effect, etc. Are some of the ways wich I daily pursue in search of bare necessity, of vacant silence, of folk who neither have nor would know how to phrase their needs and privileges" Juan Martinez

I have known and liked this artist for quite some time and these works are truly amazing, especially for their intensity in colour, shape and meaning. They may remind you of Miró's naivité and Chagall's African fixation, but there is something striking about Juan Martinez which cannot be pinned down to any influence but of his own genious, making his art something you won't want to miss out on.
Find Centro Cultural de São Lourenço on the official website  and Facebook Page.


Later, I went to the Roman Ruins of Milreu in Estoi, where the ceramics marked the spot - product of a partnership between the Portuguese Ministry of Culture and Gallery Ratton, a few works by René Bertholo in the form of handpainted ceramic tiles, reproduced in limited numbers by Ratton for sale, were available to the audience inside the XV Century manor which was reconstructed throughout time and so hosts 3 houses in very spaced timelines and 3 different ground levels. The rest of the ruins are what could be recovered from the original late roman villa, including both the rooms and living areas and the necropolis, hot and cold baths, haystack house and every other necessary infrastructure for inhabitance in the Late Roman Empire. These ruins wouldn't be discovered until the XX Century so they are not too well recovered and a lot of items are missing, reportedly stolen or damaged by time and uneducated citizens. Still, it's a lovely place to visit if you're into Archaeology, History,  etc, so why not give in to that little curious bug?
Mafalda xox

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These pictures make me want to escape! I need a holiday! Thank you for providing a little escapism for us. xxx

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I'm glad to please!
If you do ever get to visit, please let me know so I can be around and help you know all the lovely places in Portugal <3 thank you for reading! xxx

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