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Meeting for Tea and Pictures & Ahoy, Surf n' Roll: Messer Chups at Santiago Alquimista: Friday, I'm in love!

Friday was a very long day for this sailorette of yours. I had planned to go the opening of the exhibit I visited on Sunday and reviewed but I had too many things to do, unfortunately, hence postponing it. My afternoon had a wonderful start, since I got to dress up in Lolita style and go meet my fellow mod and big friend Chérie from EGL Portugal and Sandra Rocha from KameraPhoto, the photographers collective, to start a new project that will later be shared with the public in the shape of a PhotoBook and/or an exhibit.
Ignore my silly face, it was really warm outside and I was barely recovering.
This was, of course, at my favourite tea room in Lisbon: Castella do Paulo, one of my obligatory stops downtown.

The photographer accompanied us around town, and I'd like to share a couple of my favourite accidental shots she took us.
But not all is sweets and frolics in Sailor Land and I had to rush home to change for the Retro Sessions - Vintage vs Indie Party that would soon take place in Santiago Alquimista - Messer Chups! For those oblivious, they are an experimental Surf Rock band from Russia and have been around for quite a while, rooting in Messer Fur Frau Muller in 1991 and evolving into Messer Chups in the 00 decade. They have played in Portugal before, and their wide fandom granted them a sold out full house for this friday night. They would not disappoint, performing songs from a number of albuns while classic horror movies were screened on the stage's wall, and interacting with the public a lot more than we had been used to, and I must say I was starstruck at the sight of Zombierella, she looked gorgeous in person! I'll leave you a few pictures from the concert too, now, enjoy.
Talk about a blast from the past! They were very nice in person aswell, as I got to know them later behind the scenes, and I must recommend their shows to anyone who hasn't seen them live, it's the whole shebang!

Mafalda xox

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Jackpot disse...

Awsome pics :)*

Anónimo disse...

Thanks! Most were by our photographer but some were from their own at the event <3 Glad you liked it!

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