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Too Sweet for Rock n' Roll: The Kritters x Sailorettes, Love & Rock n' Roll Giveaway Contest!

Hello Rockers & Rockettes!
With The Kritters' progressive growth and the exponential growth of this fan page, we have decided that the best way to thank you all for the support would be a giveaway to award the most creative follower with a special set of The Kritters' products we all know and have grown to love, consisting of 1 hair clip, 1 bow pin and 1 necklace! If you want to win it for yourselves or even to present a special princess in your life, read on to know the rules.

You should:
1. Be a fan of the The Kritters Facebook Fan page
2. Be a fan of the Sailorettes, Love & Rock n' Roll Facebook Fan page
3. Leave a comment in this Facebook note with an original phrase about the hair clips, bow pins and necklaces of The Kritters' lines!

The best phrase will be chosen by Mia Correira (The Kritters) and Mafalda Princess Doll (Sailorettes, Love & Rock n' Roll) when the The Kritters page hits 1250 fans, and the Sailorettes, Love & Rock n' Roll page hits 675!

Don't hesitate to participate and share with your friends! The faster we get to our goal fan number, the faster the competition will be through <3

Rock n' Roll Love,
Mafalda Princess Doll & Mia Correia

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Catarina disse...

:D keep up the good work!

Anónimo disse...

Thanks sweetie! *

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