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Too Sweet for Rock n' Roll: My Thanks and some Sponsor Love!

As you may or not have noticed, I have a sponsorship programme - the ads you can find on the blog's left bar are my way to thank the lovely people that are believing me and Sailorettes, Love & Rock n' Roll from the start and helping me keep the blog and my activity on it. I feel very lucky and flattered for being the object of such attention and effort, but as if it weren't enough I have been receiving kind words from all of you here and on Facebook and Twitter - you all make me feel starstruck! And I can only say I am surrounded by wonderful people whose projects stem not from greed but from love for what they do, be it jewellery and accessories, vintage and antiques or a bar and lounge to keep the glamour of the past alive with the energy of today. Tonight I want to send out a big thank you kiss & hug for all of you, and share pictures of presents I got from two very special girls.

Mia from The Kritters gifted me with 5 sets consisting of 1 pair of rock n roll charm bow hairclips + 1 matching pin each when we met last week. She even told me to pick out which ones I liked most beforehand, I could not be happier with my The Kritters loot! I have been wearing them with everything and anything and will share pictures when I get the chance, thank you sweetie and best wishes for you and your shop.

And this arrived in the mail this week from Spain. Jana knew I had liked this creation of hers at Sublime Handmade and so she sent it to me. But this was not an ordinary online sale or gift, even... It was all wrapped in lovely silk paper, inside a beautiful box that held not only the hat but also her business card and a tea party themed card with a thank you message, all wrapped in sturdy paper to resist the post. It absolutely made my day, as you can imagine, so thank you Jana and best of luck for Sublime Handmade, you truly deserve it!

This blog wouldn't be anything without all of you reading and following, nor with the help, support and cooperation I have had from everyone working behind these shops, organisations and companies. And so I am through with my shoutout, stay around because I have a lot of new articles coming up very soon!

Mafalda xox

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Jackpot disse...

Lucky gal! Beautiful gifts :D

Anónimo disse...

Yes I am! I loved them to pieces too x

Unknown disse...

I'm glad to have met you‎ and have you in my life!!<3

Anónimo disse...

So am I darling, I love meeting good and talented people and you certainly are one of them!

Beth disse...

Aw, those presents are so sweet!

Anónimo disse...

Thanks Beth, I loved them too x

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Mafalda xox