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Hey Good Looking: Aubrey London's Beauty & Fashion Blog

Dearest Rockers & Rockettes;
First of all I'd like to apologise for my temporary absence - I flew to London last Sunday and only got my internet access last night. I'll catch up today still, both the Too Sweet for Rock n' Roll feature and the weekly newsletter will be out today still so don't go too far!
Moving on, you must've guessed I had forgotten all about beauty features by now, but late is better than never and here it is - my new beauty spotlight - Hey Good Looking! Thanks to the Pin Up Lifestyle Community I had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with the lovely Aubrey London. She is a widely known and respected make up artist, model and fashion blogger who focuses on 1920's to 1950's inspired look & lifestyle which makes her blog and videos so interesting to follow. If you, like me, are not a natural-born starlette with the whole set of girly skills you'll find her musings to be of great aid!

I will now share my favourite tutorials. All videos taken from Audrey London's Youtube Page with permission, all rights reserved to Aubrey London.

Isn't she just lovely? I am already a fan, following her blog and tutorial videos, because I find them to be so inspirational - not only because it is good to meet like-minded people but also because the differences we find amongst each other are always interesting and enriching! The sheer fact that Aubrey, as she wholeheartedly says in her About Me page, comes from a diferent musical or even cultural background and doesn't leave it behind for being in the Pin-Up circles is a plus, and doesn't make her any less credible as a rolemodel. That having been said, I hope you find her online resources as helpful as I have and that you will enjoy future beauty features! Don't forget to keep up with her on Twitter, Facebook, and her Pin Up Profile!

London Love,
Mafalda xox

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