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Too Sweet for Rock n' Roll: Kitsch Kaos Designs

Hello again, cats & kittens! It's been another week since my last Too Sweet For Rock n' Roll feature, spotlighting Sacré Coeur Jewellery and Adornments, and so on today's Too Sweet for Rock n' Roll I'll be spotlighting another excentric crafts & businesswoman and her online shop, in yet another spectrum of the alternative scene. Her works range from the clashing punk to the tooth-aching sweet in these dashing designs available in smaller accessories like rings or hair  barrettes to bags and even stationary! Curious? Read on!

You created Kitsch Kaos a handmade accessories line, a concept and an online business. Would you please share a bit about its birth and growth?
It all started in 2006, I was a student studying Fine Art at Northumbria Uni whilst doing Markets / fairs and working as a miliner in a ribbon shop (VV Rouleaux) at the weekends to make ends meet. I used to make all of my own accessories and clothing and often my friends would ask me to make items for them too, one day I gave myfriend a box of custom treats for her birthday and she was spotted wearing them a local alternative clothing store called Maverick (in Newcastle) - next thing I know they were asking to buy in my stock. It took me 4 months to build a brand image / logo / set of designs / packaging etc, and I was ready to rock! Since then we have gathered stockists world wide and released our own on-line store.

What does owning, managing and representing your own handmade jewellery business consist on?
Its very busy 24/7 I have my fantastic little helpers (3 part-time members of staff) and I couldn't do it without them. Everyday is a new mission and there's never enough time in the day but ultimately I love my job and I wouldn't have it any other way!

How do you feel about the handicrafts business today, regarding the growth of the internet?
The internet has been an amazing gift to our generation, it alows anyone to have a voice especially when competing in a market, but because there are so many new designers out there to suceed you really have to give it 100% in every aspect. It takes a while to get a cognitive brand going but once thats established you can take it anywhere.

Name your top five aestethic influences/idols and tell us why.
My influences are so vast and totally varied but to name a few they would have to be:

She is amazing I loved her since the days of No Doubt and Sublime, she just rules! her music is great and her style is even better. I think her image with the harajuku girls has been my favourite and no one has ever done it the way she does.

I know she's very pop and can be seen as a little tacky but I think that's why I like her so much, shes just mental. Her outfits are pieces of art in themself and I think these days you need to be something different to get noticed and she always seems to do that.

3) Tarrie B

Keeping in with the theme of strong front women in music my third would be lead singer Tarrie B of thrash metal band My Ruin. Maybe not so much these days but definately as I was growing up she was a major influence of mine.

4) Tokidoki

This is a brand that I just adore! Much like myself this italian designer has been influenced by Japanese fashions but he made it his own. Theres so much to see in his work everywhere you look there's something you didn't notice the first time it's amazing!

5) Fafi

French graffiti artist Fafi is incredible, her work is just so smooth and fluid, she usually draws scantily clad ladies with colourful hair in cute poses, it has no real relevance to my work I just think she rocks!

Please share a picture of your daily glamour/everyday wear and describe it!
Hmm I dont have any pictures of myself at hand, I like to be the lady behind KK that no one knows what I look like ha ;) as a brief description I do kind of look like the embodyment of my work, I have long pink hair and jarvis cocker geek glasses, and all of my clothes pretty much clash, I'm always wearing some sort of pattern like leopard print/stripe/floral/polka dot in various colours topped off with far too many accessories and far too much make up, I'm an actual Kitsch Kaos ;0)

What do you fancy the most about being Miss Kitsch Kaos?
I don't really think about it to be honest, because I've been doing it for so long now it's just my own little world and my everyday job. All I know is I love doing it and it's the only job that's ever felt right.

Do you have a wisdom cupcake for the Sailors and Sailorettes reading?
Just give everything your best shot, don't ever let anyone tell you that you can't if you want something bad enough you will do it!.x.

I know by now you'll want to see what's so cool about Kitsch Kaos and Sophie, the Kaotically Kitsch entrepreneur behind whose answers you've now read. Here you have some examples - too hard to pick!

And you know what else is new? Since I'm already in London, I've received a very special parcel addressed to three lucky blog followers to be chosen randomly when I get 250 Google Followers!
I need 202 more followers so I will show another piece of the package's content everytime I post a new entry! Can you resist? <3

Find all of these items amongst their collections, plus more updates and information on Kitsch Kaos' Online Shop, Facebook, Myspace and VampireFreaks Profile !

Mafalda xox

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