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Too Sweet for Rock n' Roll: Yama Yama Pretty Mama Hairwear Special Edition!

Ahoy, rockers and sailorettes! I appologise again for not having posted so often lately but as some of you know, I was studying Commercialising Creativity taught by Michael Bedward at King's College London, whilst getting feedback and learning more on how to improve the blog and work in the Creative Industries. in the future, which was as fun as tiresome! Now that I can enjoy some free time, I want to catch up with you all hence giving you this little treat to cheer your dull monday on - a special, extra, Too Sweet for Rock n' Roll feature! Who is it with, to make it that special? you may ask. Well, you are going to have to keep reading to know more about the fun-loving, unusual and talented lady behind Yama Yama Pretty Mama Hairwear, whose range is almost as diverse as her inspirations! Curious? Read on!

Yama Yama Pretty Mama is your brainchild. Could you tell us a bit about how it all started and grew?
It was summer 2005 and i remember getting home from the pub one night and going straight on the internet for a little retail therapy when i saw someone describe a pair of shoes as 'yama yama pretty mama!' and i thought 'that would be a good name for a shop!'. Previously i'd starting making fabric badges and necklaces out of bits and bobs lying around the house and stuff i found in charity shops, so, after seeing the shop name i wanted i went straight on to MySpace to set up an account and let the world see my little makes. The response was amazing and a website shortly followed. Shops began approaching me for wholesale and events organisers were asking me to do stands at their events. YYPM became quite popular but as i was only 18 at the time and working a full time job i had little time to do anything else so i put down my pliers and glue gun and got on with being a typical 18yr old (spending too much, drinking the nights away, lots of gigs... you get the idea!). Now it's back! I've turned my back on MySpace and do most of my networking through Facebook, there's a new logo, a new website and the goodies i make are more hairwear based than when i first started out. I love making hairwear, they're the cherry on the cake... if the cherry was a fascinator and the cake was you, haha!

What does owning, managing and representing your own handmade hairwear business consist on?
A lot of time, a lot of blisters (i'm reckless with a glue gun) and a lot of networking! I love it all though. I love sitting down in my little room making something new, receiving new orders, getting a message from a customer saying they love their wares, packing up orders all pretty, the endlessly long queues in the Post Office (Ok, maybe not that bit so much!) but i especially love seeing someone wearing something i've made... it makes all the time and effort i've put in worthwhile.

How do you feel about the handicrafts business today, regarding the growth of the internet?
It's amazing! It's so easy for people to showcase their talent now at a low cost, anybody can have a website! That inspires more people to do it and, as long as they aren't copying anyone, that can only be a good thing. And i love how easy it is for me to check out other peoples makes, i'd rather spend my money on something i know's been created ethically and with love than trawl the high street shops any day.

Name your top five aestethic influences/idols and tell us why.

Firstly it has to be Betty Grable, ever since i watched 'Pin Up Girl' i've wanted to be her. Beautiful, curvy, talented and kind. Perfection, in my eyes.

Next it's Gwen Stefani. My idol growing up. I used to bleach my hair in a vain attempt to look like her... i failed miserably and then all my hair snapped off! Her hair is always so pretty, damn her! I have all the No Doubt videos on DVD which i watch when i'm having a 'i hate the way i look!' day for a little bit of gwen inspiration.

Next up is Jane Goldman! Screenwriter and wife of Jonathan Ross. She's stunning. Bright red hair and boobs up and out... a girl after my own heart!

And now for Paloma Faith. She inspires most of my fascinators. I adopt a sort of 'What would Paloma wear?' attitude when i'm making them. She's got incredible style, gorgeous voice and looks like a hell of a lot of fun!

And to end, it's Lulu Guinness. She's fabulous! I watched her on a shopping channel recently and she couldn't have been more lovely, the fact she makes amazing bags and accessories is an added bonus. I've scrimped and saved to buy a few of her handbags and i can vouch they're worth the money!

Please share a picture of your daily glamour/everyday wear and describe it!

(I couldn't find a full length picture)
I'm addicted to playsuits and shorts at the moment! Always teamed with a bright pair of tights and a little fascinator. Basically if it looks a little unusual and fun then i'll probably wear it! I think people assume i'll be covered in tattoos but with me that's not the case at all, they're even more surprised when they find out my boyfriend is a tattoo artist. I like my skin as white as snow, my hair as red as possible and my clothes fitted. Having fun with clothes is a must!

What do you fancy the most about being Miss Yama Yama Pretty Mama?
Sharing my work with like minded people, the freedom to do what i want and when i want it but most of all i love the new friends i make through it!

Do you have a wisdom cupcake for the Sailors and Sailorettes reading?

If ever i'm feeling like things aren't going my way i always remember Dolly Parton's words 'If you want the rainbow, you've got to put up with the rain'. It always spurs me on to keep creating.

Had enough of chatter and want to see some of my best-loved examples of this fabulous ladies' makings?

If you are just half as in love with her shop as I am you'll want to add her as a friend on Facebook and, of course, keep her Online Shop on your Favourite Pages <3

Mafalda xox

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