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Communication Breakdown: Sailorettes, Love & Rock n' Roll Manifesto

Hello, cats & kittens!
     Today, Sailorettes, Love & Rock n' Roll is 3 months + 3 days old and for some reason, after revising notes about museum and vintage reportages, I started writing about its Whats, Whens and Whys. Since I started the blog, I've often been asked "What is a Sailorette?" or "What does the blog's name mean?". I hope this entry will reply these questions but also put forward my views on the current state of affairs in subcultures, fashion and all around... life.

     Sailorettes, Love & Rock n' Roll was, at first, the name of my everyday picture albums on social networks. It may sound familiar, as it was indeed based upon the historic "Sex, Drugs & Rock n' Roll", but there is a reason behind it, even more important than making it viewer-friendly. You see, I have been into Rock n' Roll music for as long as I can remember being able to play CDs, and I think it is quintessencially a part of me. Still, I am not unidimensional - in extremis, why should I need to be a drunken sailor to have tattoos, or a mean-looking man to love rock n roll? Realistically, besides a small minority of rockstars who may live the life whilst touring around the world, who lives under the infamous divise?

     Sailorettes, Love & Rock n' Roll is my own girly, naive lifestyle approach to a life that may bite, but doesn't need to be bitter. The term Sailorette was originally used to classify a female element of the navy, often with disregard or inferiority, by fellow male sailors yet hasn't been in common use for decades. And if you're asking me, a Sailorette is the modern pinup - not a xerox of what we see in glamorous pictures and photographs of famous actresses and models, but a girl that nurtures a love for another era and is not afraid to express it in her own way. 

     The 1940s/1950s may be great to look back on with nostalgia, but I am very glad the world hasn't stopped in time because of how much things change and how good it is that they did - would you really like to be a barbie-like perfect housewife to compliment and obey your working husband? I see so many flawless pin-ups out with bad boys, often acting like trophy-girlfriends and judged by every hair out of place while men hardly ever get criticised and I wonder if we've gone from styling our looks to styling our minds in a retro way. Today, women are most powerful than ever and you should never, under any circumstances, give that power up.

     Whilst talking with my great friend Tracy Vandal the other day, she said one of the wisest things I've heard to date - you can only be subversive in the mainstream, if you flock with people who are about the same you'll just be another person in the crowd... then why should we split into small groups and shout from the rooftops our subculture is best and anyone who refuses to follow it wholeheartedly is a wannabe? Lets break these silly conventions that only set us back.
Sailorette noun a modern pin-up who expresses her love for past times by living the vintage lifestyle and wearing the retro frocks with a personal and unique flare.
Who's with me? Who's a Sailorette at heart?

Mafalda xox

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Anónimo disse...

I guess I'm a sailorette at heart too then x

Anónimo disse...

Very good to hear, you're definately one of my favourite people! <3 x

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