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The Kids Are Alright: Berty & Gerty Vintage Boutique!

Hello again,  Guys & Gals!
It's been a week already since I last published the Vintage feature The Kids Are Alright: What The Butler Wore Vintage, and I wish I had posted this one before but upon my arrival in Portugal I fell ill and it set me back a bit. This time, the shop I visited was Berty & Gerty in the crowded Camden Lock Market, and is actually my favourite vintage shop in Camden, if not London - it's that great! I was really happy that, dropping by on a casual visit (you wouldn't want to see me in sneakers, t-shirt and a playsuit) I got to interiew Emma and take pictures of her and Mark, as well as the store, while they were juggling attentions to respond to the numerous requests of clients and visitors eager to know more or purchase these little treasures the shop holds; the bright Pop and Kitsch decor, the cute way in which everything is sorted around the space, with the matching furniture and new and old jewellery brightening up the center of the rooms filled with gorgeous hats, bags, shoes and, of course, clothes that reminisce other times and styles. Want a peek at the shop, the stylish people who run it and it's history?

How did Betty & Gerty come about, and grow into what we now find?
We first opened this shop here in Camden five years ago; both I [Emma] and Mark studied Fine Arts and loved fashion so we kept investing time and effort in the shop and it has been an extraordinary success to date. We have also been selling online at and opened our second store just upstairs from this one 8 months ago, and have worked in the shop every day since we opened it, also employing 8 part-time members of staff!

 What's the most important thing to keep in mind, managing your own vintage shop, from your experience?
It's a very busy job! There is always work to be done in the shop, and besides managing our 8 members of staff to assure we are always open (except on Christmas Day) and taking care of paperwork in our office facilities, we also re-stock every day to offer our costumers the best vintage fashion; we don't buy bulk, every piece is carefully picked and I always keep up with catwalk trends and the highstreet to stock accordingly - for instance I saw capes would be in after reading through Elle Magazine, and we have some just there already! 

What's your view on the current state of the vintage market, considering the recent fashion trends & globalised online market?
I think vintage is always going to be on fashion, you just need to be aware of trends and accept high fashion designers seek inspiration in vintage to use it in our advantage by providing the costumers with the pieces they see on catwalks in the original version. We also do sell online, it's a great way of promoting the shop but in general I think people prefer to see the store and garments in person.

What do you fancy the most about working in Betty & Gerty? 
Buying clothes is one of my favourite things, you find so many interesting things. The fact I can wear vintage myself, and develop my style is a plus too, and then the neverending search for Chanel bags which are one of the most sought after items! We are always on the lookout.

What's your advice on vintage, and wisdom cupcake for my dear readers?
On vintage, always buy clothes that fit the right way, never too big or too tight especially because sizes were at least two times smaller in the 60s for instance, and invest in pieces you will wear over and over again, like someone else wore decades ago and that are of better quality than what you now find; if you buy a bag these days chances are it won't be handcrafted or real leather like these are, and won't last half as long or be worn by someone else years later.

 Haven't you fallen in love with the shop and the stylish couple that owns it by now? You can see more pictures and shop online at Berty & Gerty or visit their two shops at 69 & 90 The West Yard, Camden Lock Market, London, NW1 8AF. Oh, and a note: they were also spotlighted by Grazia Magazine, out last Tuesday so don't forget to go get your issue! Now, I'll be working on new Hey, Good Looking & The Kids Are Alright features I have prepared, as well as my first line of branded merchandise and still cover an art exhibit opening plus a concert this weekend so don't go too far or you may just miss something!

Mafalda xox 

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Awesome article, and very accurate! This is a great store, just as described. Quality vintage items, at resonable prices, you can't beat that :-)

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