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Too Sweet For Rock n' Roll: Decofrill Accessories Feature & Giveaway!

Hello again, guys and dolls!
Today's Too Sweet for Rock n' Roll is of a special character aswell. Not only is the featured shop and the girl behind it is quite unique and once again different from all previously featured ladies and their work... As she is responsible for my website's logo and banner, and has been a close friend for a long time. We've shared the love for different styles since we met, but she has since taught me a lot about eastern street styles, make up and hair... I was a rockin tomboy, even a glam girl in my best days before we met in 2007 if you can believe it! And she is now bringing her knowlege of eastern trends, and love of all things toothachingly sweet to Portugal and the world through the newly-founded Decofrill. Now you'll have to read on to find out more..! And, of course, even be rewarded.
Here we are just close to a year ago in our Lolita frolics, representing EGL Portugal in another photoshoot for a national newspaper.

You founded Decofrill as an alternative shop, a concept and an online business. Would you please share a bit about its birth and growth?
Decofrill is an idea that I had for some time now. Due to my trips to Japan, my love for this kind of beautiful decoration and accessories have been growing since 2006. So finally this year (2010) I've decided that it was the right time to start my own online business, and provide people outside Japan with this cuteness overload. For now everything is going really well, I've actually received an invitation from a PR to have Decofrill on an exhibit in London ! I'm really exited!

What does owning, managing and representing your own alternative shop & business consist on?
Well, first of all I always try to combine quality with good prices, so I do a lot of research trying to find the materials that allow me to have beautiful deco and accessories that everyone can buy. Also it takes a lot of my time making always updated as well as our blog and facebook. And of course making the actual accessories and decos, which can be, sometimes, a really hard and looong task.

How do you feel about the alternative market today, regarding the growth of the internet?
Since I live in Portugal, I don't have access to a lot of physical alternative shops. I think it was about time to make this kind of products available to everyone, so I hope this kind of online business continues to grow and more and different products appear in time.

Name your top five aestethic influences/idols and tell us why.
Vivien Westwood

I absolutly love her concepts and style. She is, for me, one of the most talented women in the fashion industry and is not afraid of being different.

This man changed my life. He is really not an idol for me or a model but it was because of his band and style that I ended up doing so many things and meeting so many beautiful people... <3

Anna Tsuchiya
For me she has the perfect style (these days not so much but still...) , she's a really funny person and a great singer!

Overall Harajuku's people
They influence my style, my hair and even the place it self made change the way I thought about some things it's my favorit place in the world.

Random people in the street
My style is really a big mix of many many things. It really depends on my mood, if its sunny or cloudy, if I'm in a big city or in a small village. As a student I remember spending hours looking at the crowds in my school selecting clothes and accessories from different people. I still do this today!

Please share a picture of your daily glamour/everyday wear and describe it!
This was for a paper interview as a Lolita form Portugal. I was wearing one of my favourite Lolita styles : Punk. I was wearing a pink tartan dress, a matching socks and cardigan with some cute skulls.
[Random Fact: The socks and cardigan are actually mine! I was in the shoot too and it rocked. Check out the Portuguese Lolita Community we've been moderating together with Joana from Améthyste  for the last two years at ]

What do you fancy the most about being Miss Decofrill?
I love people's reaction and to talk with girls from all over the world <3

Do you have a wisdom cupcake for the Sailors and Sailorettes reading?
Yesh I do! Never give up being yourself; always follow your dreams; always be stylish! <3

What I love in the shop? Now that's a good question there! Can I get...

And you know what else? She was kind enough to give you all the chance of winning two of these adorable limited edition rings!

Conditions are as follow:
1. You must be a friend of Decofrill Decoden or a fan of Decofrill on Facebook.
2. You must be a Google Social Network follower of the blog
3. Now, all you need to do is leave a comment here saying you'd like to win it... with a short slogan you think is just right for the brand!
Note: You should also leave your Facebook link for us to check too, or just email it to if you don't feel like sharing it in the comment.

Winners will be chosen by me and Black, Chérie? from Decofrill on August 12th, after midnight and quite probably over tea, cake and Disney karaoke. May the best phrases win!

Find all these at Decofrill's websiteFacebook Friends Page and Facebook Fan Page
amp; very special Vintage features are on the way, with a couple of my absolute favourite Vintage must-stop spots in London (only one of them is a store) and you will be absolutely chins-down when you see them... So stay tuned with Sailorettes, Love & Rock n' Roll, the freshest blog this Summer constantly broadcasting cool new things!

Mafalda xox

PS: Decofrill & I have picked the best answers. Congratulations!

redtonic said...

Sugarcoat your life! <3

Diana said...

'Because with Decofrill...our Decoration is Free' 

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Decofrill disse...

Thank you so much for this love <33 I wish you all the luck with your blog <3

Diana disse...

one of the conditions is ' You must be a Google Social Network follower of the blog'

I can't really get it :s
and, we post the slog here?

I don't know, but I'll post mine here anyway
'Because with Decofrill...our Decoration is Free'

Diana Ramos (here is my facebook - )

Thank you very muchh****

Ataraxia disse...
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Ana disse...

Gostava de ganhar o anel Candy Series - Cream and berry!

Slogan: "Candy is dandy but liquor is quicker."

Anónimo disse...

Slogan para ser usado pela loja, certo?

Slogan: Sugarcoat your life! <3

Joana B.:!/redtonic

Andreia disse...

Hmm slogan...

'Life is sweet, but it can get sweeter.'

Also, parab�ns para a Decofrill, adoro totalmente todos os artigos da loja ^^

Andreia disse...

Aw esqueci-me do link do facebook, gomen x.x

Decofrill disse...

Obrigada a todas até agora estou a adorar ^-^ Quem me dera poder dar uma prendinha a cada uma Boa sorte!

O slogan vai ser usado no site da Decofrill e adorava que a menina que ganhasse tirasse fotos para o nosso álbum de clientes <3

Esther Chocolat ♥ disse...

já conhecia e adoro a Decofrill, descobri através dos links que tens na tua sidebar e nem podia acreditar que era de Portugal! curiosidade: o anel do coração que estão a oferecer é uma das minhas peças preferidas, é tão lindo! *-*

o meu nome é Ester Durães, para que me possas encontrar no Facebook. geralmente links não funcionam muito bem comigo, não sei porquê :(

Slogan: Welcome to the Decofrill side of life.

P1nkStr4wb3rry disse...

Slogan: It's a cuteness overload!

link do meu face:

P1nkStr4wb3rry disse...

ainda a pouco fiz umas comprinhas na decofrill e mal consigo esperar que cheguem x)

Slogan: It's a cuteness overload!


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