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Too Sweet for Rock n' Roll: MustDestroy Jewellery Feature & Giveaway !

Hello, Rockers and Rockettes!

You must've been thinking why I hadn't posted a new Too Sweet for Rock n' Roll feature for so long... Besides growing the suspense, I was preparing a little surprise to be unveiled at the end of the post. The shop I here bring you is quite recent and my latest sponsor, too! I am very excited to have MustDestroy Jewellery on my blog, and we are currently working  in partnership to bring you exclusive jewellery designs based on the blog's logo.  Their main inspiration to start the jewellery line were oldschool tattoo flashes but it's already growing to cater not only rockabilly gals but also hardcore, psychobilly, goth etc. I love that their pieces are handmade, very affordable and can be custom ordered at no extra cost, and could not help but adore the unusual materials used for some of them! Imagination is key in design and fashion, and it can't be said that MustDestroy Jewellery lack it. The fact that the pieces are reminiscing of other times or our childhood memories, with a  unique and modern twist makes them all the more attractive, too. Now, we all know curiosity killed the cat, not the reader already. Now you just have to read this post through & who knows if you'll be rewarded in the end?

You founded Must Destroy Jewellery as an alternative shop, a concept and an online business. Would you please share a bit about its birth and growth?
MustDestroyJewellery came to life in mid 2007. I got so bored of not being able to find the kind of jewellery I wanted to wear - and when I did find something I liked I'd either find that nearly al my friends also had it or it cost a small fortune to buy. I wanted something unique and special to me so I figured that the best way to do that was to just do it myself. I made a few bits for myself - mainly hair clips and started to get friends ask me to design them something, in the end I had so many order and so much interest I set up shop.

What does owning, managing and representing your own alternative shop & business consist on?
Lot's of time! I run MustDestroyJewellery alongside a full time job (I'm a nursery assistant by day). Pretty much every second of my spare time is spent takig stock pictures, making orders, packing them, promoting the store... the list goes on! I wouldn't give it up though - as stressfull as it can all sometimes be I'm always very proud and pleased when a customer contacts me to let me know how pleased they are with a purchase.

How do you feel about the alternative market today, regarding the growth of the internet?
The internet has really helped me.I can now reach more customers than ever before. Sites like Facebook are great for getting your products out to literally thousands of people all in one go. It can be a little frustrating at times though, I've noticed in the three years Ive been running lots of little jewellery 'companies' popping up and mass producing items and charging the earth for them.

Name your top five aestethic influences/idols and tell us why.
Sailor Jerry
I love his work - the old traditional tattoo styles are what really influences me with regards to the jewellery I make. He also makes a rather yummy rum!

Marilyn Monroe
She's gorgeous! Just look at her! I love that she was a hideous stick insect of a woman and yet was still successfull. I really hate the way youngsters these days are almost brainwashed into thinking they have to be a skeleton to get anywhere in life.

Karen O from The Yeah Yeah Yeahs
I love her indivual style, she's a fruitcake and not affraid of it.

Vince Ray
 In contrast to Sailor Jerry's old style I also love the more modern art of Vince Ray. I'd love to have a Vince Ray tattoo at some point - and if I can find space! Vince also plays in a band called Vince Ray and The Boneshakers who are amazing!

Mike Patton
Im a little bit in love with Mr.Patton. It's an on going joke in our house that, given half the chance, I'd run off with him... (I would, too!) He has an amazing voice and his music pretty much shaped me into the person I am now, I also admire how hard working he is - he always has a new project on the go.

Please share a picture of your daily glamour/everyday wear and describe it!
This is me at our local music venue last year. I'd spent the weekend in Brighton and had managed - for the first time ever - to get a tan. I'm sporting some rather nice tan lines... I normally live in jeans, vests and shorts etc but I love the chance to throw on dress and make a bit of an effort.

What do you fancy the most about being Miss Must Destroy Jewellery?
I love being able to make pretty much what I want - and what the customer wants as well. My favourite things to make are custom orders, it never fails to amaze me some of the great ideas that people ask me to do. There's something really special about taking an idea and turning it into something you can hold in your hand.

Do you have a wisdom cupcake for the Sailors and Sailorettes reading?
"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger." I deffinately agree with this - no matter what happends just dust yourself off, learn from it and carry on.

From their collections I picked out a few pretty accessories in all styles, enjoy!


I must confess I'm already thinking of my next order after writing this post through...  You may find MustDestroy Jewellery on their website & online shop, Facebook, Tumblr Blog and  Blogspot Blog, what are you waiting for? Go go!

But wait! There's more! A little swallow just told me that MustDestroy Jewellery are giving away a pair of earrings and a custom necklace, plus a £10 Gift Voucher Code to two of my adorable readers!

1. The competition starts now and ends on August 31st.
2. To enter, you just need to be a follower through Google Social Network and leave a comment in this post saying you'd like to win.
3. The winner will be randomy picked by lucky dip after the deadline and notified through the account used to enter in the competition to provide MustDestroy Jewellery with the shipping address / to deliver the £10 Voucher code.

Mafalda xox

I used "The Hat" software to randomly picking two winners which are... 
theperfectdrug & pixie ! Congratulations, girls - I hope you enjoy your Must Destroy Jewellery set / £10 voucher. Email me at with your address/email so we can forward you your prizes! x

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