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Too Sweet For Rock n' Roll: Vicky's Handmade Accessories & Gifts

Hello, sweethearts and hepcats!
As promised, I'm catching up with you after all these days I was busy and away from the computer. I thought nothing would be more apropriate to brighten up the blog's website, in this cloudy and windy spell that is falling over the Algarve, than a Too Sweet for Rock n' Roll feature on one of my favourite craftswoman and her literally cute-as-a-button designs! Having first found Vicky's on Facebook, I would soon order some custom jewelery to gift my lolita friends with. Needless to say they loved it!
The 3 custom teacup rings and teapot necklace Vicky made to order.
Teacup rings: £4/each  ||  Necklace: £6/each
Meanwhile, she decided to become a blog sponsor, for which I thanked her (as all my sponsors) by placing an ad with a link to Vicky's on my sidebar to help spread the word about her adorable work and the shop! Surprisingly, keeping up with her work as I usually do with most my favourite shops and makers, I noticed these are surpassed by her sewn custom owl soft toys/cushions - everyone wants one and who could blame them, they are too cute for words! My favourite aspect about Vicky's works is that she uses very naif, reusable and multifunctional materials such as doll house porcelains or buttons, smaller pieces of fabric... all made into a handmade with love and often unique design piece for a price that won't break the bank. Can you resist reading on? I didn't think so either!

You created Vicky's as a handmade accessories line, a concept and an online business. Would you please share a bit about its birth and growth?
I have been very creative and arty ever since I was a little girl and had a pocket money stall at the end of my Mum’s craft stall. After graduating with a first class honours degree in Animation and leaving my part time job in a fashion store last year I was unable to find any work. In between searching and applying for jobs I decided to start making things again to make sure I was still being creative. One day I made a bag out of vintage style fabric and an old belt. I uploaded a photo of the bag to my facebook page and loads of my friends loved it and suggested that I should start selling them. This then lead to me making my Vicky’s fan page on facebook. I decided to add more gifts to my fan page so started to make owls out of vintage fabrics, rings out of giant plastic buttons and also my Tea Party Jewellery range out of dolls house miniature tea sets. I mainly focus on these products at the moment but once I have got my new website up and running I will be adding loads more.

What does owning, managing and representing your own handmade jewellery business consist on?
Every day is different, sometimes I may be working on custom orders of bags, owls and jewellery or other days I may be adding to my stock or designing my website. I also offer a home video and image editing service as part of my business so sometimes I may be editing somebody’s film or restoring their old photos, or even creating a special photomontage for them. I am constantly working and seem to be busy all the time, there just aren’t enough hours in the day. I can’t complain though as I am able to be creative every day and as I am so busy, I never get bored. I am mainly focusing on making owls at the moment as they have become very popular and I will be developing more ranges including owl cushions, princess and pirate owls and dinky owls for jewellery and other various accessories.
How do you feel about the handicrafts business today, regarding the growth of the internet?
I think it is so much easier to get people to see your work today because of the internet. Before the internet, craft makers would have to rely on craft fayres and shops to sell their work which costs a lot of money and also takes longer to get the word out about your business. Having a facebook page has been a cheap and easy way for me to start up my business. I have been able to network easily with other crafters and have quickly built up a large fan base. Networking sites like facebook are a great way to test your business before spending loads of money on your own website, it has definitely worked for me. Another benefit of the growth of the internet is that it is also easier and cheaper to buy materials and equipment and you don’t have to leave home. Technology such as editing and design software is also cheaper now and can be used in the home so this enables you to do a lot of things yourself such as logo design, business cards and web design.

Name your top five aesthetic influences/idols and tell us why.

1. Audrey Hepburn
 I absolutely love Audrey Hepburn and to me, she is one of the most beautiful women that has ever lived. Her style and make up is stylish and chic and she is proof that you don’t need to be tanned and have a big chest to be beautiful. I also really love her hair, especially when she had it short in films such as How to Steal a Million.

2. Twiggy
I have always loved Twiggy’s style, especially her cute dresses and shoes. I love the bold colours and shapes of the 60s mod look and feel it looks really good on cute and young looking women.
3. Paloma Faith
Paloma Faith is another cute and fun lady I am influenced by and she is my favourite singer at the moment. I love the way that she mixes fashions together to create her own individual style. I am very much influenced by her use of contrasting patterns and colours in her clothing and also that she makes vintage clothing look fresh and new.

4. Cath Kidston
I am very inspired by Cath Kidston’s use of vintage style designs. I love the mix of floral and dotty patterns in her work and the way that her products feel very English and traditional.

5. Accessorize
Accessorize was my Mum’s favourite shop when I was little so I have loved this shop for many years now. I am influenced by their use of embellishments on bags and also their vintage inspired jewellery, especially the charm bracelets.

Please share a picture of your daily glamour/everyday wear and describe it!
I usually dress depending on my mood. Most days I am messy making things so I like to wear comfy clothes like baggy jeans and a hoody or cardigan. On days when I am not working, I like to wear a pretty top with skinny jeans or a skirt. I love patterns and appliqués so will usually be wearing a top, skirt or dress with a floral or dotty design that may have a stitched embellishment on it somewhere. I love to wear cute little shoes or if I wear trainers they have to have a funky pattern of some sort. I like short hairstyles, especially bobs or when my hair is longer I like to have pigtails and love to wear pretty hairclips or alice bands. On sunny days I like to wear large sunglasses and love the ones I got in Fat Face as they have a very pretty pattern on the earpiece. I have a few coats and jackets and my favourites are my brightly patterned raincoat that I bought in a charity shop and my bright orange 60s style swing coat. I don’t really like to wear too much make up as I like to keep it simple but I mainly like pink eye shadows and love wearing my baby blue nail varnish by Barry M.

What do you fancy the most about being Miss Vicky?
I look very young for my age but I use this to my advantage as I feel I am able to wear cute and bright looking clothes without looking silly. I like to be cute and fun in the way I dress as it reflects my personality and shows that I am not scared about being myself and being an individual. I also love being creative and am grateful for experiencing so many arty things and for meeting lots of different people that share this passion.

Do you have a wisdom cupcake for the Sailors and Sailorettes reading?
Always be yourself and never let anybody change you.

Yes, it's that time where I show you some favourites from the shop but this time, I picked a few shots from Vicky's Photo Shoot with Sarah Cooke Photography (click to go to the FB Album), enjoy!

Didn't they blend right in with the sweets? Now you can go become a fan, see more of her works and stock and, who knows, buy some pretties in Vicky's Facebook Fan Page.

I'll be devoting some time to editing my layout to make the website easier to navigate now, but I promise new features, pictures and other yummy updates will be up in the next few days!

Mafalda xox

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