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Confronting Culture vs. The Bohemian Weekender: Tattoo & Rock Festival Lisbon '10 Review Part 1

Hello all, and thank you for dropping by!
This is the first part of the much awaited Tattoo & Rock Festival Lisbon 2010 review, which I truly hope you enjoy. It was a rockin' weekend, full of fun and surprises to make it all better. This was the 6th edition of the event, organized by Queen of Hearts Tattoo and supported by Big Red Machine and The Great Pin-Up Factory amongst others.
Multitasking - I was also giving out flyers for Zombie Walk Lisboa!
I'm wearing one of the 1st Sailorettes, Love & Rock n' Roll
merchandise items, the girly t-shirt. Buy it and more SLR here.
The first day of this celebration of the tattoo and rock lifestyle, September 17, was the least popular at first sight; a lot of fans work on Fridays during daytime so it could be said Pavilhão Atlântico's Tagus Hall was a bit less crowded than you'd remember from the 5 previous editions of the festival.
DJ Lena Kat took over the records, playing tunes
for public enjoyment! Ain't she a doll? Real sweet!
Still, the venue was filled by the tattoo machine's buzzing and the great sounds DJ Lena Kat selected throughout the day. It was the best time to go around getting to know the place and knowing what the booths were all about.

Talented Marco Serio touches up on an armour in the booth
he and Troy Denning from Invisible NYC shared. Go check
them out, they're awesome artists with really good work!
Amazing guest artists Laura Juan(Spain)+Toshio Shimada(Japan)
All the way from California, tattoo and art of Steven Burlton!
I was pleasantly surprised by the presence of the portuguese Tattoo press represented by Anuário de Tatuagem (also taking part in the Miss Pin Up contest and Best of Day Tattoo competitions) and Revista Cherry Hot Tattoo (with a photo studio set up to take pictures of girls for the magazine), along with international tattoo artists, highlighting special guests Troy Denning (US) and Laura Juan (SP) without leaving out all of Portugal's finest, representing the best of all styles in studios across the country, always monitored by security and healthcare professionals to ensure safety.
The nice gentlemen representing Anuário de Tatuagem on site.
Overview of the venue in daytime.
My pretty friend Rita from Pedrada Tattoo Piercing Supply and I!
But not all skin and paper ink made the convention, and you could also go shopping in the numerous merchandise stalls - either your playground is comics (Mongor Head Comics), Tattoo Inspired t-shirts (No Surrender), streetwear (Clockwork Store), professional Tattoo Supply (Pedrada, Alkimia ...) there was plenty to see and buy.

Katattoomba Studio (Spain) and Jana's Sublime Handmade 
So many treats! Mean Girl 666 Accessories' at Clockwork Store
Great streetwear available at Clockwork Store's tent-booth!
I also apreciated the fact that, for those who spent the day in, there was a restaurant and a cafe available, complemented by another essential - a jumping bed for kids to play in!
Best of Day (17th) Tattoo Black and Grey 
By the afternoon, the venue was starting to fill up a bit more and break was in order and the tattoos made or finished that day were submitted to apreciation in the Best of Day contest, judged and classified in 1st, 2nd and 3rd places, not too long before the performances by guest bands Carbilly and Dr. Frankenstein.

Carbilly took over the stage and rocked out oldschool style.
Carbilly's show was mainly focused on oldschool rockabilly, country and blues sounds. While they didn't explore too much beyond the original features in the danceable covers, they were always complemented by the band's unique energy, never leaving out the audience by keeping interaction throughout the show. I had never seen them live so I can say they outdid (or should I say outrocked?) any expectations I could've had - Carbilly boys, I salute you!

Surfin towards Dr. Frankenstein's lab, the audience was rocked to new
 and old cool songs by this landmark in portuguese rock n' roll bands.
This performance was followed by a trip to... Dr. Frankenstein's lab! This was one of the first concerts after they released the fantastic new record 'In 4 Dimensions', which in my humble opinion deserves 5♥ and despite the professional circumstances that kept original bassist Luís Furtado from playing in this show, the surf tunes swinging between psychobilly influences and heavier undertones and medleys, along with their theme-inducing frocks, song introductions and special sound effects were a real audio treat, which probably justifies how many people showed up just in time for their concert.
All in all, it was a great way to start the festival, I had a blast and was so tired I couldn't even make it to the after party at Lx Casting Club in LX Factory with Murdering Tripping Blues and guest DJs, nonetheless resting to prepare for the next day. And what next day it was! Next up I'll be posting pictures and a bit about all our wonderful pin ups! Until then, I recomend you go delight with Inês' article (portuguese) and Endy's pictures for from which I took some pictures with their kind permission.

Write very soon, with love,
Mafalda xox

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This is the first part of the Tattoo & Rock Festival Lisbon 2010 review ....And the second one?

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You should update the blog more often. Otherwise you'll lose some of your readers.

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