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Confronting Culture vs. The Bohemian Weekender: Tattoo & Rock Festival Lisbon '10 Review Part 2

Why hello, lovelies! It's been oh-so-long, I shall have to blame my college rentreé + moving between houses for that. Still, and as promised, here is the second part of my Tattoo & Rock Fest review. The doors opened at 2 pm, and as I walked past them by 2:30 it was already quite clear a crowd of lisboners had picked the event as their weekend highlight.

How could they resist to, considering the day's entertainment? The spotlight was taken over by the fabulous Miss Roy, the burlesque dancer who charmed the audience with her acts before the Miss Pin-Up competition showcase in a rococo styled get-up she would slowly take off to the sound of her own live drummer.

Then, and although only 7 of the 12 finalists elected by The Great Pin Up Factory could show, they were presented to the audience who cheered vehemently whilst the jury, composed by a professional photographer, a professional model, a representative from Anuário de Tatuagem and Catarina, representing The Great Pinup Factory decided which three would be elected Miss Cupcake (meaning congeniality, not chubby!), Miss Tattoo & Rock and Miss Pin Up. Mind you, although this was the 6th edition of the festival, it was also the first time a competition of the sort took place in Portugal and the expectation was massive. There was even media coverage by a national TV network, amongst the cheering crowd that silently discussed their likes and dislikes of the candidates. I must've aroused curiosities about said pin-up girls, by now, so I will show and introduce them shortly.

Catarina presenting & looking fabulous in 40's style Vivien of Holloway

Catia Santos, 29 (Lisbon)

Why the Pin-up style? "My favourite part about the pin-up style is the revolutionary movement it represented in the 1950s, impersonated in these fearless women who weren't afraid to expose their beauty."
A wisdom cupcake? "Carpe Diem! Someday it'll all be over and we must be ourselves, never pretending."

Alexandra, 20 (Lisboa)
Why the Pin-up style? "I like the simplicity and elegance of it, specially how it creates a bold, glamorous image without excess or exuberance."
A wisdom cupcake? "In order to attain respect, a lady always ought to keep her posture and elegance."

Sofia, 19 (Lisbon)
Why the Pin-up style? "The make-up is gorgeous, and I love exploring sensuality without showing too much."
A wisdom cupcake? "If you like the style, wear it! I'm loving the competition, regardless if I win anything."

Anya, 21 (Leiria)
Why the Pin-up style? "My favourite bits are the make-up, the halterneck tops and dresses, capris... Especially what the look puts forward, as a whole."
A wisdom cupcake? "Be authentic!"

Joana, 31 (Lisbon)
Why the Pin-up style? "I'm not too fond of the oldschool 50s pin-up look, but I love the new style that has risen from the punk rock and hardcore scenes."
A wisdom cupcake? "Take inspiration from the looks you love, and transform those elements into your own style!"

Patricia, 18 (Lisbon)
Why the Pin-up style? "Like Dita once said, I knew I'd never be like Giselle Bdunchen so this is my way of being and feeling sexy."
A wisdom cupcake? "I'd rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I'm not. (Kurt Cobain)"

Raquel, 25 (Lisbon)
Why the Pin-up style? "Its feminility. I usually love all things vintage and of taste (some tasteless too!) and today's female image is overly androgynous so I prefer a more elegant aproach."
A wisdom cupcake? "A breath of song or dream, something that almost makes sense, something that prevents from thinking.*(from original Portuguese by Fernando Pessoa)"

The judges at work.
But there was even more fun to be had, and after helping the amazing Catarina, the lady behind the competition and the Great Pin Up Factory, with presenting, I even DJed to help DJ Creepy Psycho a while!

Whilst all the rumble took place, the buzzing, blood, sweat and tears remained as the tattoo artists tried to finish their works on time for the Best of Day competition.

Maximo Lutz from Blood and Tears
Luis from Triparte
Laura Juan from Studio | Le Tatouage de Laura Juan
Troy Denning from Invisible NYC
And finally the 

Starting off the rocking ordeal was Porto's own Country Dust in concert. I had never seen them live, despite their recent mediatic exposure and acknowledging their musical quality and uniqueness within the portuguese musical scene, so I was dying to see this gig. The first thing that strikes you is how flawless their visual styling is - from their instruments to their clothes, everything sets you in a true southern, country mood only to be reinforced by their music. The impression of a professional sound I had gathered from pre listenings was indeed correct, and they wouldn't disappoint only raising the question of wether it wasn't too safe and classic, not going too far from nostalgic covers that ought to strike a cord with the audience. They would, nevertheless, interact and communicate with the audience setting a great atmosphere from the second they set foot on stage, only to be extended by Dixie Boys' follow-up performance.

These professional rockin' hepcats may not require introduction for many of you, having played in a number of Rockabilly festivals and venues since starting the project in 1994. Their oldschool 50s rockabilly sound took over the audience that danced to their wild set of rock n' roll covers and originals - Rui (big bass fiddle) even dedicated me their original hit "Baby, you're a cheatin' liar" - no pun intended, though, I'm sure. It was also a great opportunity to hear a few tracks off their latest album "Mean Mean Gal", along the lines of "Rockin' Storm" yet introducing some novelties. It can never be said that this sort of concert doesn't please greeks and trojans, nor that you may grow weary of it - I have watched quite a few of their shows and won't get enough!

A better ending for this fun and full day at Tattoo & Rock Fest couldn't be asked for, and so the doors closed and everyone rested - sunday was a brand new, and the last day.

Copyright © all unmarked images are property of photographer Ze Gato, all marked of Endivas (as published in Imagem do Som)

The third part is on its way, now I must head to college once more so I beg you indulge me!

Promising to write a lot, very soon...
Mafalda xox

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