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Hello again, dear rockers and rockettes!
I truly hope your last days of summer are being just as fun and unpredictable as mine, that being precisely the reason I had this short and unexpected holiday from the blog in which, nevertheless, I gathered content and pictures to be published soon. This feature is very close to home - Ines is a great friend whom I first met through the portuguese Lolita community a few years back and that has been a big inspiration and support eversince; she was there to hold my hand when I got my tattoo, and I've seen her raising awareness about body modification discrimination along the years, also having learnt how to pierce and tattoo without feeling obliged to leave her girly and delicate side behind. I'm such a tease, am I not? Now you'll have to read on to know more about the lady and the blog.
Us celebrating after a Lolita fashion show in February '10, Porto (Portugal)

You have been interested in fashion, make-up and photography in the last few years, but neither are your main occupation. How did your beauty and photography facetts come about?
I was always a tomboy and I never grasped why older women would feel obliged to dress up, spend fortunes on shoes, go to the salon every week... It was just not a world I wanted into when I got older, but sooner or later we grow up and our needs change. I'was sloppy, I was afraid of wearing ve dyed my hair a million shades, my style was sloppy, I was afraid of wearing colours and black was always the easiest option. It wasn't until when I turned 18 that I first did my eyebrows and dyed my hair I really love - I suppose it was a natural evolution that my interest in beauty should grow more. Photography came by chance, since my boyfriend is a photographer, more on the photojournalistic feature although he always wanted to try other styles of photography and I help by being his inspirational muse! And of course I have loads of fun and love seing the results - who doesn't like having pretty pictures?

How did your blog The Perfect Drug start, and what other projects are you developing at the same time?
When I first felt interested in the world of beauty and make up, I had to search the internet for blogs to help me give my first steps in this new world. Unfortunately, I found few blogs were interesting or truly helpful for beginners such as myself. And The Perfect Drug arose to fill that blank and try to put across an image of what beauty is to me. I have been working hard at the blog to give my readers good yet simple content to fit every taste, plus quick and simple tutorials for the modern woman who can't take too long to get ready for work. Besides being in the fnal year of college in Archaeology, I've collaborated with NOIR MAGAZINE (now extinct) and am now collaborating with Imagem do Som ( ) where I publish concert and festival reviews whilst my boyfriend does the photographic bit. Writing has always been a part of my life, so I am very pleased to be able to have a blog and collaborate with another writing about two things I love: beauty and music.

How do you feel about alternative fashion today, with all the new brands, products and styles besides the sudden overload of models/photographers?
There are a lot of good professional and amateur photographers, there is room for everyone just like for new brands and the myriad styles. Diversity is something positive that the internet only helped expand!

Name your top five aestethic influences/idols and tell us why.

Lady Gaga
Do I really need to say why? The character Lady Gag inspires millions of people, and I'm one of them. Despite the irreverence she has accostumed us to, she is still a real woman without breast implants that may have an awakward complexion yet has gotten this far. She is a true inspiration for every anonymous woman like us!

Lily Cole
 As far as I'm concerned, she's one of the prettiest, most versatile models in the fashion industry! Besides, she's such a talented girl. Her pictures are always delicious!

Michael Jackson
 A music and style icon, Michael Jackson made a late entrance in my life. I was 14 when I bought one of his albums and I was hypnotised. I listened to that CD everyday, for months on end. His death anguished me, it was a great loss to the world of music.

Elvis Presley
 Sadly, I didn't live in the same age as him but his image and music live on to inspire people all over the world.

Vogue Portugal Magazine

A true fashion and new trend bible, Vogue is a monthly must-have. I read Vogue Portugal and it has surprised me on the positive side!

Please share a picture of your daily glamour/everyday wear and describe it.

My style usually varies from day to day, it depends on wether I wake up in a good mood, or if I've got time to dress up. I love raiding my grandmother and my mother's closets looking for vintage pieces, I love the glamour of yore. Still, wether I'm well dressed or not, I never leave the house without make up on - I don't feel safe without foundation and blusher anymore.

What do you fancy the most about being Miss Perfect Drug // Ines?
The fact I can help women accept themselves and discover the world of beauty in a simple and easy way, and to inspire many of them who have come to thank me! It's wonderful to hear these words and it gives me the strenght to carry on  my work on the blog! Thank you all!

Do you have a wisdom cupcake for the Sailors and Sailorettes reading?
"Live fast, Die young" Live one day at a time to its fullest, never leaving anything undone, you never know what tomorrow will bring, and if it ends let it end on a positive note!

And the classic fabulous picks from the dozens of wonderful pictures she has around.
To read The Perfect Drug, see make-up tips, tutorials and reviews just head on down to The Perfect Drug.

I'm now preparing a new Too Sweet for Rock n' Roll feature to publish in a few hours, and a surprise feature so stay tuned... I have a lot of shiny new content lining up, waiting to be shared will all of you lovelies!

Write soon, with love,
Mafalda xox

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guida. disse...

I loved this interview!
Although i don't know Inês personally, i love her blog and her fresh approach to things. You can tell that she's really honest and not one bit pretentious wich, unfortunately, is quite common among some bloggers.

Keep up the amazing work with the blog! I can only dream about being as successful (and good looking at the same time!) as you :)

Lazy Daisy

riotdontdiet disse...

concordo c td o q disseste guida!

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