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I love Rock n' Roll: introducing the Rock n' Rolio Mix London!

Dear Rockers & Rockettes,
I'm pleased to present you the first edition of an all new feature - I love Rock n' Roll. This feature will be all about music, introducing both new and well established bands, timely parties or events or even just hot spots for music lovers. This time, the feature spotlights a project I first read about in the fabulous ReeRee Rockette's Alternatively Lovely blog, which is definately on my must-do list for my next trip to London. Until then, I'll have to swing around the house to the fantastic mixes they do as a preview for each party, such as the following one. Enjoy it... and don't forget to read DJ LovelyZoo's interview. 

Rock 'n' Rolio runs on the first Saturday of every month at the Moustache Bar, 58, Stoke Newington Road, Dalston, London N16 7XB. The next one is on October the 2nd.

How did the Rock 'n' Rolio mix come about and what can you share about future developments?

We thought it was cruel to have our fans only getting one fix of Rock 'n' Rolio a month so we came up with the idea of the mix series. The mixes are listed on our Facebook Group.

As regards Rock 'n' Rolio's future, we intend to continue to deliver the same generous portion of good fun every month. To that end I'm very pleased to announce that we've got the Burning Condors playing live at October's party. I went to see them a few weeks ago at London's 100 club and I'm looking forward to treating the Rock 'n' Rolio audience to them.

What's the best thing about being Mister Rock 'n' Rolio?
I'm flattered by the premise but I should point out that Rock 'n' Rolio is a partnership between myself, LittleMogwai and the Radioolio DJs.

With that out of the way, picture the following scene. A basement bar in East London, sometime in the wee hours of Sunday morning. A cacophony of guitars, saxophones and backbeats pumps out of the sound system.
In the middle of the dancefloor a guy lifts his girlfriend by the hips into the air. Off to one side another has removed his t-shirt and swings it in the air. All around members of the audience whoop and shout their approval of the tune.

Moments like these are what DJ Lovely Zoo lives for.

You have nurtured a great interest in music for years, but it doesn't represent your main occupation. Does your daily life work out with your DJing passion?
Sure, my day job keeps my feet on the ground after highs like the one described above. My colleagues are also incredibly supportive of and interested in my after hours activities.

How do you feel about popular music today, regarding the growth of the internet and ease of access to all sorts of music from every decade and style?
The ease of access is fantastic, it's democratised taste across all genres and genuinely encourages people to make the most of the very real cultural achievements of the last 50 years and beyond.

On the other hand the collapse of the traditional music industry and its attendant infrastructure opens a huge question as to how future innovation will be supported.

Name your top five musical influences/idols and tell us why.
My God, how could I ever trim the list down to answer that question? Here's a selection of Rolio favourites.

Louis Jordan did more than anyone else during the 40s to presage what was to come.

Moon Mullican exudes more charisma on record than any other artist I'm aware of. It's also well known that he was an enormous influence upon…

Jerry Lee Lewis, who had some novel ideas of his own about the piano.

Chuck Berry gave us the Duckwalk, will remain a teenager 'til he dies and looks tremendously dapper in this photograph.

Elmore James was impossibly loud for the time or any other for that matter.

Please share a picture of your daily glamour/everyday wear and describe it!

First up is my Rock 'n' Rolio outfit, loosely modelled on Bill Haley's look.

And here's what I've been wearing during London's sunnier days this year. Note the strategic use of Mowgli the cat as a fashion accessory.

Do you have a wisdom cupcake for the Sailors and Sailorettes reading?


More updates and features to come very soon, at least a post a day in the following week as promised - all I can hint meanwhile is that these will be on vintage fashion, museums and art!

Write soon, with love,
Mafalda xox 

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