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Too Sweet for Rock n' Roll vs The Kids Are Alright: Extinct Design

Oh, hello there! I barely saw you were reading from that side, that's how busy I've been! Still, I think I should never leave my dear readers without their timely bites of information, beauty and humour and so here I am again. What have I been up to, you ask? Why, I'll lift the veil a bit in the next entry. Until then, you shall have to delight with my feature on Extinct Design which is not an accessories feature or a vintage feature but both rolled into one and tied with a pretty ribbon. Can't wait to find out more? Just keep reading through!

You founded Extinct Design as  a concept, an alternative shop, and an online business. Would you please share a bit about its birth and growth?
Extinct Design was born to celebrate the unearthing of old things, breathing life back into vintage clothing and out of a fondness for storytelling. I have always loved to express myself through colour, art and fashion and love to pass on that energy to those around me! Feeling great in what you wear, confident that you are telling the world what you’re all about. Fashion is fun and as is the feeling of discovery with vintage and second hand pieces that is what I want to get across with the site.

Since launching the site I have organised several “Dressing-Up Box” Parties where girls gather to try on different styles, colours and cuts in order to find out what works for them. I love these events as it’s a real chance for everyone to try on so many different styles and get instant feedback from a room full of fashion fuelled beauties!
One girl who came to a recent event remarked “I’ve completely changed my look!” She opts now for colourful dresses over her dark jeans and t-shirt. Obviously not everyone has such a dramatic change but each garment is unique and you know you’ll be able to take home something special.
I am also really excited to announce I am Branch Director for Dr. Sketchy North Wales! Its an art movement where folks are invited to come and draw burlesque performers, dancing girls and the like in fabulous costumes (some made by me!) It’s the glittering glamorous version of a life drawing art class. This new venture ties in perfectly with the site, like a fabulous older sister that’s cool and wears corsets.
I will be selling vintage, upcycled and recycled costumes at the events and hopefully fuelling the rise of ever confident young lads and ladies in whatever state of undress...
The two blend beautifully for my the perfect cross-over of art, fun, fashion and creativity.

What does owning, managing and representing your own alternative shop & business consist on?
This could take some time... from unearthing new vintage pieces to talking with young Guest Designers, editing photos, updating blog, adding items and marketing the site there is always plenty to do!
There are days where I love to photograph and edit the shots, work on the site and other days where I like to get out and find some finds. It is a lot of work and I am sure I could do things a little slicker but I am forever wanting to push forward with new designs of my own, new collections and direction of the site as well as market the existing items I have.
As the name suggests, Extinct is forever... and will be around in some guise, forever changing, forever evolving, forever...

How do you feel about the alternative market today, regarding the growth of the internet?
I think it’s great to see so many people involved in bringing their own uniqueness to the world. I was keen from the start to offer a space on my site for Guest Designers, from the more established to the brand new fresh out-of-the-packet designers.  
It’s great to share in a collective creativity. However there is always downside.... those people who get more than “over-influenced” on other’s ideas and taking them as their own.
I’ve seen a huge growth of alternative shops online selling vintage and handmade and lots more artists and crafters on sites like Esty and Folksy. I can’t honestly say it’s all good stuff either but I do admire anyone who is prepared to create their vision!
I like to buy alternative, handmade and clothing whenever I can. I have plenty of sites bookmarked for future purchases too. It’s all really exciting!

Name your top five aestethic influences/idols and tell us why.

'Cos she’s got the lot! Still has a better wardrobe than me and she’s pushing 50!

Copyright (c) Howard David Johnson
Of any kind, from Welsh myths to Greek legends,  letting my imagination into a different world, one that’s painted in perfect colour, that can change at the drop of a feathered hat... a constant source of inspiration.

Historic Houses, Castles
Castle Coch in South Wales known as the “Fairy Castle”

I think my love of old houses come from the stories that they tell, creaking out of the floor boards and whispering down the halls, tales of romance and laughter, unrequited love and the learning that comes from that kind of pain...
Travelling Circus
Copyright (C) of Wendy Bevan 
The world of the vaudeville performer with all the glitter and rouge a girl can stand, the ease of becoming someone different for a night, the costumes and the excitement!

Dolly Parton
(c) Dolly Records LLC

Such great attitude, fearless in her bid to stay true to herself. One of my favourite quote of hers “You'd be surprised how much it costs to look this cheap!”

Please share a picture of your daily glamour/everyday wear and describe it!
The last couple of years I’ve really liked wearing 60’s and 70s dresses with coloured tights and oversized jewellery... everyday wear would consist of something less fussy and comfortable like a shift dress or pinnifore style dress. This has the added benefit if I decided to work on a costume or dress as I can easily stash things I need in the large pockets on the front.
Instant glam is a pair of stilettos, vintage or new, but always good quality.
The picture above is a silk 70’s maxi, I love the large flowers and colours. It is fastened with two small buttons at the neck and simply falls from the neckline.

What do you fancy the most about being Miss Extinct Design?
My imagination. I love to get lost in a world of ideas and colour, still trying to learn how to turn a lot of those imaginings into reality. I love being me, saying the things I say, constantly learning, goofing around, living in my imagination and sketching out ideas before turning them real. Extinct is forever...

Do you have a wisdom cupcake for the Sailors and Sailorettes reading?
Dare to dream, be the dream.
Know you are loved.

And now my awaited selection of a few favourites from the online shop.


All in all, if Extinct Design is the topic of conversation, we can only say it's one of those one stop shops with sugar, spice and everything nice - including an adorable owner who will go out of her way to help! Find her and extinct : design in its online shop, Blog, Twitter and Facebook!

Golly gee, do I have news for you! New exclusive merchandise lines, more giveaways to gift you with, articles on art, exhibitions and concerts, plus a lot of boring stories about what I've been up to...

But before all that, I'm covering the great Tattoo & Rock Festival this Friday, Saturday and Sunday bringing you fresh news about who, what, when and how it all was. Stay tuned, and don't let the siren's chant stray you from, the best fashion & lifestyle blog for sailorettes and modern pin-ups.

Mafalda xox

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Thanks Mafalda!! So honoured to be part of your gorgeous site!!
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Tattoo & Rock Festival, fresh news!

When and where ?

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what´s about Tatto and Rock festival? Friday, Saturday ... and no news.

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Anonymous 1: Lisbon, this past Friday & Saturday plus Sunday!
Anonymous 2: I'll publish everything tomorrow, I've been busy actually covering the event and can't publish from there since I don't have a stall or laptop there, besides DJ-ing and presenting!

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Hey babe!
Deixei-te um prémio no meu blog! ;) Não precisas de seguir as regras mas aqui fica:

Não sou muito destas coisas dos selos e prémios e tal, mas este é fofinho ^^

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