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Confronting Culture vs. The Bohemian Weekender: Tattoo & Rock Festival Lisbon '10 Review Part 3

And at last comes the third part of the 6th Tattoo & Rock Festival Review. Being less crowded than Saturday, it was still a strong day, highlighted by the 1st portuguese Miss Pin Up, Miss Tattoo & Rock and Miss Cupcake, burlesque dancer Miss Roy's performance and the final Best of Tattoo & Rock  competition to find out who was the best of the best. Want to know who won, the what, who's and why's? Well,

Then came the awaited announcement of the Miss Pin Up competition winners. Even though Catia couldn't show, all the girls put on their best sunday frocks to hear the judges' decision.
And the winners were... Joana and Alexandra! Joana was Miss Pin-Up and Alexandra both Miss Tattoo & Rock and Miss Cupcake (congeniality), both for her style and for the kindness demonstrated since the begining of the competition - she even did all the other girls' hairs and helped them with their outfits on the first day! So the judges also gave her two little devil horns, for being such a meanie that even got two prizes!
1st place//Miss Pin Up won an article on and the cover of Anuário Tattoo &Piercing 2011, plus a 15 photograph book by a professional photographer and 2nd place//Miss Tattoo & Rock + 3rd place//Miss Cupcake won an article on Anuário Tattoo &Piercing 2011, plus a 15 photograph book by a professional photographer. All finalists were granted 3 day free passes for the 6th Tattoo & Rock Festival and shiny participation prizes by sponsors Mean Girl 666, Clockwork Store Lisboa, Dickies and Queen of Hearts Tattoo -  The Great Pin Up Factory definately spoiled the girls.

DJ Creepy Psycho kept rockin' and rolling to entertain the audience that split between tattoo artists, tattoo-ees, curious, supporters and media, the most media covered edition of the event to date from what I could tell indeed!

From Faro, Algarve Lucky 13 Tattoo & Bodypiercing at their Stand
Heart of Buda, Lisbon (the studio where I got my tattoos)
Rodrigo from El Diablo Tattoo & Piercing (Lisbon)
Impact Custom Tattoo (Lisbon)

There is no rest for the wicked and soon the stage would be taken over by the ultimate tattoo competition; the Best Of Tattoo & Rock Colour and Black & Grey prizes, disputed by the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes of each category in each of the days and judged by resident judges and special guests Marco Serio and Troy Denning (Invisible NYC).

Copyright © all unmarked images are property of original photographers, all marked of Endivas (as published in Imagem do Som)

I'll leave you with a short video showcasing a bit of this and that, and the best of the festival, enjoy!

All in all, and over spiteful criticism that has been raised, the event was very well organized and thought through, and wouldn't have been put together without the precious help of all staff, volunteers, sponsors and supporters. I was very thankful for this opportunity to attend the festival and get a closer look at the backstage work that is developed to bring it to the public, which wouldn't in any way affect my views and opinions of the event or organization. It can't be forsaken that this event is doing what no one has ever dared do for the body modification and alternative cultures in the past, and they are succeeding at it, despite all the flaws you can think of pointing out. So here's to hoping this year's faults will become next year's strongpoints, and may the good become even better.

Mafalda xox

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