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Confronting Culture vs. The Bohemian Weekender: Lisbon Rock Festival 2010 Review!

Hello, my beloved rockers & sailorettes, and thank you for staying tuned. I know I've been somewhat absent, once more, but real life, college and work ensued forcing me to take my attention elsewhere. One of those working gigs just so happened to be Public Relations for Void Creations' first edition of the Lisbon Rock Festival which I shall now review for your apreciation. It was a delightful weekend full of good music, interesting people and, of course, heavy duty partying!
As you could already tell by looking at the poster, big band and DJ names guaranteed two straight nights of sheer rock n' roll fun that did not disappoint, only outdo expectations.
Lisbon's great Texabilly Rockets opening the Festival

Known for bringing back the 50s with their hepcat attitude that has been sighted in numerous portuguese and international venues, the boppin' Texabilly Rockets are a whopping Rockabilly band not to be missed either in recording or live - they sure do know how to shake 'em down!

Lisbon's garage finest, The Poppers took over the stage next.

Mighty The Poppers made the audience time travel into a quieter, more mellow rockin' mood of the 1960s with original songs both old and new, while setting the path the main band would soon ravage! Their latest limited edition album & the new up and coming album are a must-listen for anyone into the sort - these boys are most definitely going somewhere fast. 

As you may have been able to tell by this point, the Festival's first edition meant to target different audiences, nevertheless leaning towards the 60s garage trend that has been flooding our ears and eyes lately, without overdoing the theme. Sadly, no full rooms marked the event, perhaps due to the short notice of the event's promotion - but that didn't stop a very enthusiastic crowd from reacting and interacting to the bands. Guess who was next and drove the crowd W-I-L-D, oldschool style?!

Why, from New York City, Rudi 'Action' Protrudi's... The Fuzztones!
"The" band that dared bring back 1960s garage
sounds with a twisted flavour for the last 30 years!

Yes, there is really no need to be reading again - these bad boys (& girl!) just turned 30 and are celebrating it in style by touring around Europe to promote the new album Preaching to the Perverted officially out January '11. I got my copy and couldn't have been more well impressed - new lyrics & themes reflect a new course on the history of The Fuzztones and modern garage music, exploring new instrumental ground and leaving those "area 51-safe" psych sounds they taught us and made us love. The only piece of advice I'll leave you with you should get it & draw your own conclusions.

Lamenting the poor public adherence to the after party with some of my favourite DJs and driven by the success of the first day, I valiantly fought my cold and running nose in order to not miss out on the second day of this grand event. After all, I hadn't seen neither brazillian The Black Needles nor Argentinian Los Peyotes live and I had a burning curiosity driving me to!
Obligatory presence marking of Groovie Records,
the garage, soul & rock n' roll shop & record label
The utmost electric Black Needles set the tone opening the night

I believe I can be the voice of unanimity saying The Black Needles were a massive revelation; coming from the other side of the world we were at a loss trying to explain where they were going but, most importantly, what they were aiming at. Indeed, to prove us wrong in our comodism and pursuit of easier musical finds The Black Needles presented the audience with a very unique, enchanting and utterly captivating sonority which was anything but glued to its trademark influential decade.

Out of the New York state of mind and into the Twilight Zone we
then went, with Tiguana Bible's bluesy rock n' roll atmosphere

They dismiss presentations for the more attentive Portuguese followers, if not some foreign, for gracing so many places with their music and visual show in the last few years - the Tiguana Bibles, lead by the  Tracy Vandal's breathtaking vocals put on a show like they've spoiled us with since I can remember going to their lives. Traveling within lights, darks and in-betweens the almost traditional instrumentals are paired with  gloomy, unexpected poetry off their own pen, or others'. And, of course, ex-Tédio Boys' Mr. Victor Torpedo sported a sailor frock - I had surrended from the get-go!

But from these milder grounds we would soon be transported onto Los Peyotes' electric & raw garage punk.
Directly from Argentina, to spread mayhem... Los Peyotes!

I'm truly surprised anyone could manage to snag a single picture of them, that's how purely energetic they were on stage! Covers of absolute garage classics converted into spanish, blast-off originals and very interesting cultural injections taking the form of "cumbas", for instance, make Los Peyotes different from the bunch - their way of bringing a sense of popular culture into such a stereotypical style is something to admire and aspire to. Garaje o Muerte, their latest album, is a screamt manifesto for this loyalty to music in its simplest, truest way. 

And here is their motive to be playing out and about Europe; promoting their new Garaje o Muerte album now on sale! I couldn't acquire it due to tecnical difficulties (my vinyl player has seen better days, unfortunately) yet was stricken by all I've heard off it to date - these fine gentlemen have the devil in their body and the 60s edgiest rock n' roll in their soul - only amazing music to dance and live to can come of that!

For more pictures you can go to Lisbon Rock Festival's photo albums here.

I'll just hope these lines and pictures are enough to keep you company until my next entry, say, within the next day. Meanwhile, I'm looking for your feedback, questions, love or hate mail and overall suggestions - please email me at !

Mafalda xox

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