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The Vintage Glossy: Moda Lisboa in the Market 2010

Well, hello dollies!
I'm quite pleased to be writing this soon - I was looking through my notes to try and see what I had backlogged to write you about, and amidst my notes was this - I was just sorry I didn't have a single picture of how I looked there to show you, but a friend found some so here they are! Enough jabbering, I'll now enlighten those oblivious to the concept or the event - ModaLisboa in the Market was the Spring/Summer 2010/11 edition of Lisbon Fashion Week that took place from the 7th to the 10th of October in Mercado da Ribeira, a traditional fish & vegetable market of all places! It was an amazing concept and event I had the pleasure of attending for being granted an invitation to Alexandra Moura's by my dear friend and fashion+accessory designer Andreia Proença who accompanied me to the event as well. Make no mistake, she was looking a lot better than me - I just regret not taking a single picture to prove it!

Alexandra Moura's Spring/Summer 2010/11 fashion show...

The construction and tiny details made the pieces all the more interesting, just over the fact that her vintage inspiration applied to the modern concept of high fashion for real women to wear in the real world is very supple and, dare I say, appropriate. I adore the fact that every single piece was so interesting in itself it could be your only statement piece for a season without getting tiresome, or complement equally strong items alike. I should confess, when the first dress appeared on the catwalk, it truly made my heart skip a beat - gorgeous does not begin to cover it!
Whilst out and about just after the fashion show, music and fashion photographer Rita Carmo asked me to take a picture of me for the Workstation, a real-time exhibit of backstage and audience photographs. These were the two pictures she put up on her blog. Mind you, I'm makeup-less and had been in the rain on my way over - bare with me.

Outfit rundown, for who it may concern:
Coat: Ana Sousa
Dress: Tintoretto
Shoes: Primark
Bag: Heart E (Japan)
Feather hairlips: Portobello Market (London)
Necklace: Pearls + silver butterfly from Stone by Stone

We later went to an after party at the designer's atelier, which was so very fun, but I was already truly beat and left a while after. Here you have it, that was why I got ill so soon after - long nights and walking in the rain over and over again have no proven health benefits, to my acknowledgement to date.

To read more on and from ModaLisboa all year round, follow their blog (in Portuguese, English or French) here.

Write soon to catch up on some summer day & night nostalgia, with love,
Mafalda xox

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