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I love Rock n' Roll: DJ Shimmy

Hi guys and dolls!
I've been busy as always, still had to find the time to give you the scoop about all the exciting events happening soon and the cool people to know more about. This time, it's 10th Barreiro Rocks Festival's guest DJ Shimmy, reportedly known to cause mayhem and a sudden rise in moods... coming all the way from Brooklyn, New York for the after party of the 12th! It is most likely the strongest line up yet, featuring a consistent list of some great rock n' roll names both from Portugal and abroad. I'll leave you with the poster - read on to know about DJ Shimmy!

How did your DJing facet come about, and what can you share about future musical project developments?
I lived in Prague (Czech Republic) from 2001 to 2003.  There were tons of really cool bars but a lot of them didn't seem to have very good music playing in them. So myself and two friends, Patrick "the Professor" Keegan and Sasha (a Russian who has since completely disappeared) decided to start DJ nights under the title 'Shimmy' (we chose the name because you can pronounce it in any language-- even Czech!)... our first gig was at a Lesbian bar but soon we were doing dance nights at some of the coolest clubs around Prague-- with a mix of punk, garage rock and soul.  After I left Prague I kept DJing and when I needed a DJ name I couldn't think of anything so I took 'Shimmy' - the old name we had for our nights. It stuck.

You'll be starring the after party for the first night of Barreiro Rocks Festival on the 12th this month. What are your thoughts on the line up for this edition?
This is probably the best lineup the festival has ever had.  I started DJing the festival in 2005 and the lineup that year was pretty epic (with Billy Childish and the Black Lips), but this year every single band is absolutely fantastic.  People are not going to know what hit them after they see King Khan & the Shrines live, it's one helluva show.  Not only that, but once again the organizers of the festival have picked the coolest underground bands from the US, UK and Europe. This would be a seriously hip festival even if it was in New York-- it's that cutting edge, especially with Thee Vicars and Ty Segall, two breakout stars this year) !

You have nurtured a great interest in music for years, but it does it represent your main occupation? What other parallel projects are you developing?
I like to think of myself as a professional fan of music-- I'm not a musician... someone has to be a fan!  Besides DJing, I book garage & punk bands in New York at a monthly night called Hullabaloo!  I also founded, which is New York's guide to real rock'n'roll... and I contribute to the first garage/punk print zine to come out of NYC in many years, called Bananas, which has just released its second issue (which I'll have with me for FREE at the festival!)

How do you feel about popular music today, regarding the growth of the internet and ease of access to all sorts of music from every decade and style?
I'm a vinyl fanatic, but I'm also a realist and I live in the 21st century. On the whole, I think the Internet has been good for music. It's so much easier to book great out-of-town bands by going to the internet and finding them... I've booked bands from all over the USA, Portugal (Bunny Ranch), Spain (Wau y Los Arrrghs!! among others), UK (Black Time) all through email so I love that part.

I will admit that sometimes it seems like we have too much access-- too much to listen to.  But I guess I'd rather have too much than too little!

Name your top five musical influences/idols and tell us why.
Hard to limit myself to just five but...

Dead Kennedys
The first band I listened to that my parents hated.  And really, what's better than that?!  'California Uber Alles'; 'Kill the Poor'; 'Let's Lynch the Landlord' -- plus East Bay Ray's surf rock guitar playing.  Another one I never tire of.

Neil Young
Might seem like a strange choice, but to me, he's more a punk than a hippie.  His classic songs just get better with time, and his voice has actually improved in his old age! Not to mention his electric guitar playing which is simply unique and my favorite of all time.

Bo Diddley
His music seems so simple but timing, humor and unbelievable rhythm keep me coming back to his classic sides.

Link Wray
Second live show I ever saw.  At 68 he was the loudest, crudest, punkest motherf*cker I have ever seen. He played 2 hours in our faces at top volume then came back for another 40 minute encore.  The biggest surprise? He opened up his mouth and sang exactly like Hank Williams.  Genius.

Velvet Underground
The band that made me a vinyl record collector.  At age 19 I bought an original '67 mono copy of this album for $20 in Pasadena, California and then mistakenly put on on Side II first-- so my first ever song from them was 'Heroin'.  I listened to it for about 7 hours straight and I never get tired of any of their 60's LPs.  Amazing songs, attitude, lo-fi recording values.  Cool incarnate.

Please share a picture of your daily glamour/everyday wear and describe it!
I'm not the most glamorous sort, since I'm a product of the 90's slacker/ironic t-shirt generation, but recently I've been going the classic American western shirt route as you can see in the attached pic.  In fact I'm bringing my new favorite shirt with me that I bought  from Karen Elson's (Jack White's wife) store in Nashville this Summer! I guess that's what happens when your favorite movie is The Good, the Bad and the Ugly...

Do you have a wisdom cupcake for the Sailors and Sailorettes reading?
I know enough to know that I know nothing, but I guess I would probably quote the great philosopher Louis Jordan: "You only live but once / and when you're dead you're done, so / Let the good times roll..."

Swell, ain't it? Now it just so happens if you can't make the after party and are as curious as little old me, you can still hear Shimmy's DJ Set w/ DJ Mr. Groove & DJ Maria P. at the Groovie Records Barreiro Rocks Festival Pre Party this Thursday (11th) in Berlin Bar, Rua Diario de Noticias 125 (Bairro Alto, Lisbon), I'll surely try to stop by.
Write soon, with love,
Mafalda xox

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