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My Favourite Things: Vintage Show and Flick Inspiration

Hello all,
It may be that it's a Sunday, and I'm writing from a very cosy couch whilst escaping the cold outside and my college work (only for a while!) but I thought I wanted to share some of my favourite things with you. We all have those visual references that hit close to home and I'm obviously no exception, so here go my Top 5 favourite vintage TV shows/films.

#1 Hitchcock films
I've been a big Hitchcock fan since I can remember - so much that, actually, I have this same picture framed in my room! Although he was always very wary of open locations, the care put into every visual element and his appreciation of feminine figures renders me chin down every time. Besides, growing up reading crime novels, there is no escaping the classics - the first book I saw his film version of was Patricia Highsmith's Strangers on a Train and I really recommend it!

#2 Twilight Zone
“You’re traveling through another dimension, a dimension  not only of sight and sound,
 but of mind, a journey into a  wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination.
That’s the signpost up ahead, your next stop: The Twilight Zone…”
Fate would have it girly here found out the Twilight Zone in a retrospective cable channel and it'd be on at lunch time - I'd religiously watch it with my dad who told me about when he first saw it, as a child. Since then, I've always been passionate about this show - one of my favourite bits was trying to find out how the naïve special effects were made, and surely the morality printed into the end of every episode. It taught me how to appreciate subtleties in psychological terror, plus, strange as it may seem, gave me my first few lessons on vintage fashion and lifestyle - nothing was more fun than trying to learn about yesteryear by noticing every detail in this verisimilar sci-fi show. 

#3 Bewitched
Another fortunate coincidence, luck would have it I'd find out Bewitched on a national TV channel. Very plastic, nevertheless hilarious, the insight into a 1960s witch housewife's everyday life filled hours of my late afternoons with parades of pretty dresses and rooms besides a hint of what middle class couples life would be then. I can't tell how long it had me trying to tingle the tip of my nose, but I'll gladly admit it aroused great curiosity about the day and age, making me investigate further into my parent's old clothes and memorabilia.

#4 I Love Lucy
How could I miss this one? A latter acquisition, but nevertheless extremely important. Lucille Ball's success owed a lot to the fact that she was a strong, more independent woman even in a hard time as were the 50s, proving women could be creative entrepreneurs and damn successful ones too! Who can help but love the way she turned everyday situations into comic sketches time and time again while dressing and acting flawlessly? Say what you might, I love Lucy too.

#5 Green Acres
Again, I must acknowlege the role of portuguese television's lack of funds and show recycling in my early teenage years. Green Acres was an amazing find for me at the time - I mean, a 5th avenue lady, country hicks, a pet pig and a talking horse named Ed? Sign me up! I loved every single piece Eva Gabor wore through the show (except dungarees - she was a beautiful actress, but I've mixed feelings towards those even on her!) and the exposure of contrasts between the city life they had lived before and the country lifestyle. An adorable show, without a doubt.

It would be #6, but I'm a big fan of Get Smart too - ever heard of it? It's a 1960s secret agent comedy that has recently been remade. Well, next time you wonder how come my english is decent although I'm a born and bred portuguese, here is the answer - I was a very easily bored child, and had unique taste in television resulting in endless hours of listening to english and reading subtitles - and traveled around the world just enough over the years!

What are your favourite vintage TV shows/films?

Mafalda xox

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Jackpot disse...

You gotta ad "The Munsters" to that list! :)

Anónimo disse...

Thinking of which - Addams Family, Vampira... <3 There were a lot of good creepy shows around!

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