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The Bohemian Weekender: Storytailors' Winter Un-Strip Tease and a very special pre-holidays gig!

Holiday greetings, readers old and new..!

I hope these busy work (and play) times have allowed you to spend your special season with those you love most and have all the best in the end. My short hiatus (as I explained on Facebook & Twitter) was mostly due to a heavy load of college work, which I finished only to have a few delightful days in my hometown and fly all the way to Switzerland with my family for Christmas and New Years! So here you have my reasons and humble apologies for being absent, but enough about that... Let's cut to the interesting bit, shall we?

Before my last week in Lisbon, I had a pleasantly racy weekend I'd like to share with you. As some of you may have noticed, I started DJing earlier this year which has been incredibly fun, besides the most entertaining job I've tried thus far; it even allowed me to meet amazing people and work closer to some of my friends. This was one of those action packed work weekends, with the exception my two worlds collided - I got to have a rockabilly night headlining the poster in the south, where I grew up, and come to Lisbon to play different sounds in a high end fashion event by my favourite designers the next day - isn't that as lucky as it gets?

Most of the rockabilly gang showed up, which made me extremely happy - I always feel so welcome coming back home. We had a little time to catch up at dinner, before dancing and hanging out at the bar. It's no wonder that's one of my favourite places of the world, even having seen quite a bit of it. Thus another great night passed in Bafo de Baco, Loulé, ending with yours truly packing hastily to be in Lisbon shortly!

One of the things I like most about Storytailors is their romantic concept of storytelling shaped into exquisite haute couture or street couture garments. Like their clothing lines, their events are equally worked into and tailored to fit a specific time or occasion. The Winter Un-Strip Tease event was all about some of their favourite things; catered by Tease (Lisbon's Rock n' Roll bakery and a one stop shop for cupcake lovers) and supported by some of the city's finest, they even had an antiquarian provide a bed for the models to use in this Saturday afternoon performance. A very special guest host was corsetier Armando Gabriel, who has also been working with the designers in this collection the models paraded around in, in between changes of garments that allowed to peek the fabulous Négligée luxury lingerie pieces the event promoted. I loved the concept of an inverted strip tease and not even playing my own part would keep me from having a few nibbles of the adorable miniature cupcakes and sips of Hendricks Gin cocktails whilst enjoying the show.

Yours truly DJing

Note: All photos belong to Storytailors and you can see the event's album here.

And there you have it, the Gentlewoman Fall & Winter 10/11 collection paired with Négligée's undergarments collection. It was a most unique afternoon and a wonderful time that I was thrilled to be a part of. So here you have a tale from a busy weekend I couldn't write, and a promise to write more very soon - after all, not even the snow and the short, misty days will keep me from sharing bits of my life's glamour and shine with you!

Thank you ever so much for reading! Love,
Mafalda xox

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