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The Vintage Glossy: the awaited Red Vintage tale and review!

Hello again, readers old and new!
As you may have noticed, I do PR work for the new Red Vintage party, being in charge of managing communication and online content. So I didn't have to "work" at the night of the party - not only did I get to go enjoy myself as I got to meet and spend some time with with The Poppers, The Naked Heroes and some DJ friends plus the guest DJs from London Gaz Mayall and Baby Soul.

Still, not even a killer line up could guarantee a new project would succeed - hard work and bliss would do that part. After a delicious (as always!) dinner at Paladar with the bands and part of the RV crew we headed down to Bora Bora Club where all the pin up girls with the sharp looking boys were getting everything ready at the bar and the first few people were arriving to the sweet sound of the gorgeous Lula Mae duo's DJ set. Perfectly aware of the importance of the setting, besides the exotic location picked, the staff was dressed up to the nines to create a glamorous atmosphere and the audience did not aim any lower.

It made me so happy -  it may be personal, but I've never been one for the t-shirt and jeans/leggings and hi tops trends, and seeing this high end cabaret-ish ambiance recreated in my own town was delightful.

First off The Poppers proved what they're worth - the venue was so full there were people watching from the staircase! Always very true to the Mod scene in their look, attitude and sound, and never "the band playing before..." - they earn their place on stage every time. Their current success is therefore no wonder - shortly after editing their second album, they've recently scored a prize in Spain while touring between Portugal and Spain.
They even saved a little surprise in the end - George M. Jackson from Naked Heroes joined them to sing My Generation!

On came The Naked Heroes, the loudest couple in rock n' roll! If they've taken the music scene in New York half as intensely as they took that stage, it's no wonder their name is currently on the tip of everyone's tongue and pen.

Even though they were anything but familiar in the local scene, their debut album 99 Diamond hit a chord with the brimmed club - everyone danced, jumped and yelled.
Show done, the crew's starting to put everything away when suddenly Merica sits by the drums and George picks up his guitar to play one final song, what a wild act!

Yet this was but the party's start; DJ A Boy Named Sue immediately started working his magic on the decks in the main room, while DJ Nunchuck did the lounge room, soon joined by special guest DJs Gaz Mayall and Baby Soul (UK) respectively.
DJ A Boy Named Sue
My gorgeous friend Eva
from the Lula Mae DJ duo
The dancefloor!
From London: guest DJs Gaz Mayall and Baby Soul
Yours truly sitting pretty
Photo report by

All in all, it was an amazing night and I'll be looking forward for the next - I promise there will be exciting updates on that soon! Until then, you can become a fan on Facebook and see the full photo report here. Thank you for reading through, I'll try to write soon - college and work gets more time consuming one would expect, unfortunately.

Mafalda xox

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