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The Vintage Glossy: "Gaz's Rockin Blues: A Brief History" by Spine TV

Today I'd like to share some information Spine TV's PR has kindly forwarded me about their short film "Gaz's Rockin Blues: A Brief History", now available to watch online (embedded in the end). As many of you may have noticed, I take great interest in other sorts of music beyond the 50's & rockabilly scene and am always on the look out for news so this was a pleasant surprise!
Headlining the DJ list as a special guest at the Red Vintage debut party, Gaz's performance proved him more than worthy of the name granted by his participation in musical projects such as the Trojans and his 30 year running Gaz's Rockin Blues club in Soho, London. And his club is indeed the core of the short film that presents a bit of London's music history through the story and vision of the man behind it, with interviews and statements by those who've seen it happen.

From the press release;
"Gaz’s Rockin’ Blues: A Brief History
London’s longest running one-nighter club and a local institution for 30 years at the crossroads of music and style, Gaz Mayall’s iconic Gaz’s Rockin’ Blues is one of Soho’s few remaining classic parties.
From Thursday nights at Gossips at the dawn of the 1980s to the St Moritz club from the mid-90s onwards, Gaz’s has been the go-to place for ska and real R&B for an authentic London crowd. The film coincides with a retrospective book, published by Trolley, celebrating Gaz’s three decades at the forefront of London club culture.
Filmmakers Leo Leigh and Zaid Mudhaffer mark this fantastic legacy through interviews with Gaz and friends, a unique mix of unsung Soho heroes, ghetto celebrities and music junkies.
Featuring rare archive footage of Gaz’s fifth anniversary gig at the University of London Union in 1985, a guided tour of a comprehensive exhibition of the night’s instantly recognizable flyer artwork at underground hotspot the Subway Gallery and the book launch at Waterstones over the summer.
Gaz’s Rockin’ Blues: A Brief History captures the true spirit of real London nightlife. Today, the party continues weekly, with popular annual stints at the Notting Hill Carnival and Glastonbury. Long may it continue!"

Finally, here's the awaited short film for your appreciation! 

Now, what are your thoughts on it?

Mafalda xox

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