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The Belated New Year, New Life Post: An Update, Some Resolutions for 2011 & a Giveaway!

Why hello again, and belated happy new year!
I hope you've all entered 2011 in the best way possible; I certainly have, in my family's company.
New Year's Eve 1907
But I was abroad at the time, and couldn't access the internet for too long, and have been travelling for most of the last month - it began with a record hop in Rock n' Rolio (London) with the dapping Radioolio DJs plus DJ Lovely Zoo, followed by some good times in London (is there anything better than seeing friends again, vintage shopping and concert watching, really?) and finally a week of enjoying Paris' sights.
Still, I missed writing so much this time was also an opportunity to rethink the blog's format and content. Thus, here are my new year resolutions towards the blog (which is now 8 months old, has it been that long already?) to make it more organised and, hopefully, apealing.
So SLR's weekly post calendar will now include a bit more of my day to day, beauty and style tips and favourite things, besides different weekly features on music, vintage clothing and events.
And since we could all appreciate some novelty, I'm also upgrading the layout with new sponsors' ads, the first of which will soon be spotlight featured so you get to know all about 'em.  If you'd like an ad space on the blog too, just drop me a line to

I've also decided to personally treat one of you to a custom Sailor Love necklace by Miss AP, from the blog's current merchandise line as a way to thank you for all the support.

All you must do is leave a comment saying:
  • What your favourite blog post was and why, or how you've found the blog and what's your favourite thing about it
  • You're a fan on Facebook and/or follow me on Twitter
  • Your email for contact case you're the winner!
Competition ends on February 28th and the winner will be contacted by email. Thank you for reading and good luck!

Mafalda xox

5 comentários:

Jackpot disse...

A great year for Sailorettes!

For the giveway, I must say that my fav. entry is: because it reminds me of the day that we were going to finally meet.


Anónimo disse...

The only thing you need to do to make the blog more apealing is to write more often.

Cat disse...

My favourite post:

because I loved everything, from the video, to the text, especially your point of view about how a good closet must be. I definitly agree with "smaller, more versatile, ecological and unique closet".

My e-mail:

cLare disse...


i love everything about your blog. and id love to win that necklace! more jewellery-related posts would be great, as im pretty obsessed with jewellery! :)

my email is

im following u on twitter @cLare_beaR_

and do check out my shop at



GhoulieGirl disse...

Hey Mafalda!

I've got to say i think i found your blog through facebook or lj, and i decided to follow because i think you have a great sense of style, and it is truly very inspiring.
My favs posts are always the lifestyle and outfit posts such as this -

I'd love to win that necklace to match up with the bracelet i already won here. It's lovely <3

my email:

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