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My Favourite Things: Delicious Retro & Repro Footwear!

Good Sunday!
After the quietest weekend I've had in a while, complete with college assignments on 1960s north american Art and Music movements (no one said it had to be completely uninteresting!) and a wonderful walk by our own Tagus river, it struck me I hadn't posted my Sunday favourites yet. On theme with my weekend shoe shopping spree (missy here acquired a pair of Saddle Shoes off Ebay plus Miss L Fire sandals from DollyDagger), here is my post on shoes! Starting out by wearing rockabilly styles, creepers and chunky mary janes were my friends on those comfy, casual days but now my style's evolved with me, my threads demanded prettier and more accurate shoes were necessary to match. So here are some retro & repro season favourites to delight your eyes!

These Rocket Originals Georgia Sandals - Hibiscus Design are 1950s ladies' sandals reproductions with a twist - hand drawn hibiscus by Lucky Stripe's Melissa Gee priced at £69. I love the fact that they're identical to the original, plus made of quality materials (real leather, etc) without compromising that 'new' feel! These are on my watch list for the summer. 

I adore these yellow Daiquiri t-bar pumps with carved wooden heels, from the SS'11 collection fantastic London designer Miss L Fire just released for pre-order. The whole collection is a 40s and 50s inspired ode to practical, quirky and elegant current fashions and although they may be pricy (£89) they're another number I'll keep 'em peeled for.

Maybe it's just me, but there's something special about white shoes and this Dream model has just the right mid century feel to coordinate with your light summer colours. Found at Schuh for £60

On an elegant note now, these absolute jewels are the 1940s styled Feel the Rythm Poetic License heels, an unexpected item for the high street. Pricy, at $133.99 on ModCloth, but extremely alluring in this colourway!

Not era apropriate at all, but I couldn't resist including this old crush of mine on here. Maybe it's the nautical theme or the whimsical mismatch, but these just look perfect for casual days on the town and going to the beach. Get them for £48 at Retro Rebels

Now, ladies, what are your favourite summer footwear finds for the season?

I'm now going for a stroll in my favourite gardens, to enjoy some of this unexpected but very apreciated spring  sun. Don't go too far as I'm preparing to publish my feature on an upcoming retro/repro clothing and accessories brand you can't miss, and will soon publish on all the local vintage shops, aswell as some fun surprises! Meanwhile, enter my Sailor Love (AnchorxHeart) Necklace Giveaway (ending tomorrow at midnight!) and peek at Rachel Gaw Jewellery Feature + Giveaway.


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