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My Favourite Things: Inspiring Retro & Vintage Bloggers

Hello, and good Sunday!
Hopefully the weekend's parties haven't taken too much of a toll on you - they certainly did on me, but that's a whole new story. Now, bringing back this Sunday feature I want to share the retro & vintage blogs I read more often and find most inspiring. It's quite curious I should be the only person writing this sort of blog in Portugal, but there could never be a Sailorettes, Love & Rock n' Roll without those references and inspirations so may this post be a thank you for you brave and hard working ladies that share their passion for mid century culture, fashion and lifestyles through their writing.

#1 Retro Chick
Gemma's was one of the first blogs of the sort I came across, at the time, and what made me keep reading were her fantastic posts on how to be glamorous at all times, what she's been wearing, the events she attends and where to find great affordable retro and vintage clothing,  great vintage styling book reviews and something on her own retro and vintage clothing shop.

My first sight of Super Kawaii Mama was surprisingly not from mid century fashion but from lolita. Her individual style appealed to me from then, and I've kept up with her blog since. The layout is simply delicious, the writing is fun and quirky and the outfit/Polyvore posts are great inspiration - Candice's pretty as a picture and has a matching style sense!

#3 Alternatively Lovely
I'd started reading it a while ago, but ReeRee Rockette's website is noticeable for more than her blog, these days. Besides her everyday fashion and lifestyle musings you may also find information on her 'Wonderful Women: Minding Our Own Business' project and her up-and-coming Rockalily cosmetics brand. Her thrive to aim higher is, of course, endlessly motivating.

The 1940's blog par excellence must be included; Fleur's video posts sharing beauty tricks, her day-to-day gorgeous style and the delightful way in which she raves about events, alongside her contributions to various brands as a model and publications as a writer earned her a spot as a necessary reference in the vintage culture and a highly ranked opinion maker within the scene.

#5 Yesterday's Girl
Curiously, I wouldn't know about Jenni's little corner of the internet or read her mixt of useful and interesting updates if it weren't for her post on Rock n' Rolio they'd linked me to. Still, it quickly grew on me and I frequently learn tips, news and novelties of every sort on it - the fact that she recently adopted the vintage look and lifestyle makes all she shares through her writing all the more impressive.

#6 Vintage Secret
Naomi's Vintage Secret website folds between her styling, her vintage business and the most successful modern fashion savvy vintage blog I've found to date. Thus it'll be the place to look for either what's going on in London in theme, exquisite style advisory or the latest scoop in vintage styled fashion new and old! Besides, she has a "Secret Salon" coming soon... Isn't it just the website to keep on your favourite pages?

What are your must read blogs? Did you know & like/dislike my picks?

This week I'm having a friend from north visiting, which assures me a glamorous sleepover and the perfect company for some vintage hunting out and about Lisbon - I'll start featuring the best spots for retro & vintage lovers in the city next.

Write soon! Love,

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Penny Dreadful Vintage disse...

I'm constantly finding fab new vintage blogs - including yours just now! Followed the link from Jeni Yesterday on twitter and couldn't believe there is a vintage blog I haven't found yet ;)

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