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Too Sweet for Rock n' Roll: Rachel Gaw Jewellery Feature & Giveaway!

Unfortunately I spent the last week (as written on my Facebook Page and Twitter) very ill, hence unfortunately having to skip classes and postpone a lot of interesting updates I'd been preparing. Still, I survived and here is a new feature. When Rachel Gaw first emailed me, I was struck by her work's unique look. Yes, it is different from most the alternative crafts artists I've previously spotlighted on here - and maybe that's what's nice about it. Besides, her recent success wouldn't lead you on; these amazing pieces rightfully deserved each award and place. Now I've spiked your curiosity,

You founded Rachel Gaw Jewellery as a concept, a jewellery shop, and an online business. Would you please share a bit about its birth and growth?
Well, let's see. It all began after I graduated from Staffordshire university in 2005 with a degree in Design:Crafts and an idea of wanting to conquer the world, alas life showed me it doesn’t work like that so I came home to sunny Cumbria and began to work to live and make jewellery in the evenings and weekends. I went through doubts, highs and lows with my work however I was accepted as a Licentiate of The Society of Designer Craftsmen and exhibited at The Mall Galleries , London, in 2006 and my passion was re-born. Since then I have stuck with it as well as working full time. I have exhibited nationally, with my contemporary designs being stocked around the country including in The New Ashgate Gallery in Surrey and Manchester Museum. After a post grad in teaching and 18 months as a Youth Worker, I finally found the confidence to start a new chapter of my life and never looked back.I took the gamble of leaving full time employment to walk the road of uncertainty of becoming a freelance designer maker. After a workshop or ten in my local town of Workington I knew that there was money to be made and opportunities to be granted to children, young people and families in my area. Rachel’s Wonders was born in the freezing depths of November 2010. It started as a alternative wedding gift/accessory side line to Rachel Gaw Jewellery and has quickly become very popular with the ‘alternative’ scene. I have a few things in the pipeline regarding photo shoots but really want shops/boutiques who would like to stock the new range of goodies. I trade on my local market as well as advertise and sell through facebook, my own website,, and various online art/design sites. I take part in a number of craft fairs and events but hopefully will be spreading my wings and selling further afield in the near future. I work with a number of local primary schools running jewellery after school clubs which keeps my hand in with working with the younger ones.(They also keep me on my toes!). Im a firm believer in promoting the creative industries as much as a can, as we don’t all learn in the same way and feel that by expressing and embracing creativeness is vital in our development as individuals.

 What does owning, managing and representing your own alternative shop & business consist on?
Everything! From worrying about where the money for the rent is going to come from to splurging on 5kgs of resin! Oh how I know how to treat myself!  I do the accounts; manage my website, marketing and promotional materials, designing, making and selling 24/7. It’s a daily challenge and massive learning experience but I love it!

How do you feel about the alternative market today, regarding the growth of the internet?

I think it is really important for us all to support one another in as many ways as we can. I live in a socially ‘deprived’ area and although there is an ‘alternative’ scene here its not always accepted positively. The internet allows anyone who wants to try something new, change their look, listen to some insane music or just generally become inspired. It’s a great tool.

Name your top five aesthetic influences/idols and tell us why. 

Adam Paxon – Jeweller. Adam’s work is amazing; I'm in awe of what he can do with acrylic!
Peter Chang – Jeweller. Again working with Resin and Acrylic he creates large flamboyant, incredibly details pieces of art.
Philip Treacy – Milliner = Genius. I adore his creations, so much so that I wrote my dissertation on him!
Parents; Jim and Gwen (my mam died when I was 14) – Mechanical Engineer and Teacher – for being there, teaching me about art, how to use a lathe, and guiding me in the right direction.
Kelly Cutrone – She encompasses a strong woman
Artists and designers who are pushing the boundaries, working in materials that aren’t deemed as the ‘norm’. I love fashion designers such as Vivienne Westwood, Gareth Pugh and John Galliano for their eccentricity and LOVE Sex and the City! Patricia Field you are a Genius!  If I need inspiration for an outfit or a new piece of work I always watch it! Think I've got carried away here, whoops!

Please share a picture of your daily glamour/everyday wear and describe it!

Comfy, colourful with a twist of vintage by day. Dresses, dresses and more dresses by night.Bright red wiggle dress :O)
 What do you fancy the most about being Miss Rachel Gaw?

I guess it would be my creativeness and my hands! Without both of them I wouldn’t be me. Oh and my red hair!
Do you have a wisdom cupcake for the Sailors and Sailorettes reading?
I now live my life day to day, I sleep late and work late. I love what I do and how I took the gamble and so far its paying off. Im very strong minded and crave creativity to keep me going. I know one thing, If something doesn’t come to me I make dam sure I get off my ass and go straight after it ;O)

Now, for some examples of Rachel's diverse work...

*Silver and resin

Aren't her lines so striking and beautiful? I hope you've enjoyed them as much as I have. And, case you did, you'll be happy to know we're having a little giveaway!
"Pirate Galleon Headband"

To win this cute headband by Rachel Gaw:

This giveaway will end on March 17th and I'll post the result here as well as notifying Rachel so she can forward the prize to the lucky one!

Thank you all for reading, as I'm feeling so much better now I'll take a little trip to Lisbon's oldest, biggest and most well known vintage shop A Outra Face da Lua, more on that up on the blog very soon.


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