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The Day I Had Sailorettes, Love & Rock n' Roll Tattoed

As I previously mentioned, times have been hard for me. After my relationship ended, personal worries snowballed as I'm soon to be graduating without clear perspectives which put me down a fair bit. Needless to say, in tough times friends step up to help - I'm incredibly grateful for the amazing ones I have. Curiously enough, one of them is a tattoo apprentice in a renowned studio in Lisbon's South Bank, Pedrada Tattoo, hence asking her to draw me a 'small' old school tattoo with a few elements to represent the motto that gave name to the blog. In a way, having things that speak to you etched onto your skin is a liberating experience - the weight of your troubles seems to be lifted as you give way to something new into your life. Enough talking, here are some pictures from D day.

The view on deck! It's such a fun ride across the river.

What I wore so clothes wouldn't be a hassle while tattooing... yes, corsets are undergarments. And no, I do not give a flying xxxx.
Outfit Rundown:
Mini-fascinator: Portobello Road Market (London)
Corset: Ebay
Pencil Skirt: La Redoute Essentiels
Seamed Tights: Calzedonia
Kitten heels: Primark
 Bag (not in picture): Vintage
PS: After I healed a friend took a picture of me in a party I was DJing. Cute or what?


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riotdontdiet disse...

o design ta mt giro, e gosto da ideia, mas olha q podia passar por SLB LOL kidding :p

Jackpot disse...

It looks great hun and so do you ;)

Anónimo disse...

riotdontdiet: Obrigada! Já ouvi isso umas vezes, nem me ocorreu porque não gosto de futebol... Mas um amigo teve uma resposta ainda melhor: Sport Lisboa e Reboleira ahahahaha!

Anónimo disse...

Daniela Sousa: Thanks, you're a doll! <3

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