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So, I'm gladly on a three day break from college due to Carnival celebrations but the country's not stopped which meant the postman brought me one of my recent on-line purchases, as mentioned on last week's repro and retro footwear post. I hadn't heard from any friends ordering from, despite following the shop online for a while - a write up on my buying experience was definitely in order! This will then be the first of, hopefully, many reviews of my on and offline buying experiences.

  • Purchasing the item 4/5
Unfortunately I encountered some difficulty in purchasing the item at first; after adding it to my Shopping Cart, it mysteriously disappeared on refreshing. Trying to re-add it, the item was "Temporarily Unavailable" due to another buyer adding it too - obviously a website system problem. I then emailed their Costumer Service to ask for help, re-trying the next morning, the 27th of February: this time it worked, and soon after I would receive a reply (even on a Sunday!) from a very helpful staff member. I was extremely impressed with the prompt help and polite costumer care handling!
Total charge: £60,50. The shoes cost £47,50 (50% off) plus a £13 International Sign-For Delivery charge.
  •  Processing 5/5
Immediatly after, my Inbox had the Paypal receipt and Dolly Dagger confirmation email flagged as unread. This confirmation email had my details, the purchase receipt and a breakdown of delivery prices and times as well as returns information and sale conditions. The transparency was very reassuring and it obviously spared me the time of going to check these details somewhere in their website.

  • Delivery 4/5
As previously noted, I paid for these on February 27th, a Sunday. Being in Portugal, the Sign-For delivery fee was a bit more expensive, although fair as it's more secure for both buyers and stockists to track the order and have insurance in the event of it getting lost. I was thus positively surprised by the Shipping Notice e-mail I received the next day, saying my item had been posted to me in Portugal, again with the delivery, returns and sale terms information breakdown. Besides the quick processing, these arrived in my home today (7 days/5 business days later) so it may be said it was the best option.

  • Packaging and Product 5/5
At last, I had my little cardboard box to open! Call me 5 year old, opening parcels is a "Christmas morning"-type feeling. Only reinforced by the fantastic packaging - inside the bigger cardboard box was red and white striped silk paper, then the cutest shoe box with the Miss L Fire logo. This means there was no damage to the box or shoes during postage, another plus. And now, for a little parcel strip tease!

They even came with a cute cotton bag with a brand logo print! I'm so sad my poor photography skills don't do these justice, but the shoes are absolutely ace. The quality of the materials and construction justify their market price (usually £55 to £95), plus they're full of adorable details that make this brand's products cross over from another excellent high street brand to a outstanding one; the horseshoe buckle, the L Fire engraving on the soles, the strawberry and cherry rope quilted print on the sole lining and the perfect finishings rendered me entirely sure I will buy more of their shoes in the future and, who knows, one of their delicious 1950s replica lucite bags.

Overall shopping experience from DollyDagger: 5/5
Overall Miss L Fire  Betty Sandals product quality: 5/5

Hopefully this will be the tie breaker if there was something you'd like to purchase off the website or the brand!

Time to start getting ready for the wonderful Carnivale Burlesque Night downtown Lisbon.
I'm going to dress up 1920s style.What are you disguising as? 

Have a nice rest of the day!

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I love dollydagger, their customer care is excellent and products are fab!

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