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The Vintage Glossy: That 70s Look by Cerise Rouge

Today, I'm presenting you with a mainstream fashion post by my friend plus guest blogger Cerise Rouge. As you may have noticed, the new retro trend on the catwalk to highstreet is the 70s look, and given my distance from current trends I invited her to write this post. The result is beyond my expectations, I'm sure you'll all love it as much as I did! Enjoy.
It’s official: the 70’s are back!
Some of the most influent fashion designers have brought back the sense of freedom for this Spring/Summer season. We can find all nature colours at Emilio Pucci’s incredible vaporous dresses, Roberto Cavalli’s collection mixing fringes with maxi dresses, Hermès’ wedges, Alberta Ferretti’s blouses and floppy hats… The 70’s came to stay (as you may see in Pucci’s Pre-Fall collection for 2011). To get some inspiration, why not look back at those irreverent times?
Alberta Ferretti



Marc Jacobs


Roberto Cavalli


It was all about freedom. Freedom and passion. The political and social awareness combined with the historical context for that decade (war in Vietnam till 73, the financial crisis, …) started a whole knew vision about the Civil Rights, about the concept of respect for each human being. Besides, there was also a new age for women, with feminism trying to balance the opportunities between men and women. Times of (a needed) change, indeed.
All of this was clearly reflected in art with some aesthetic lines such as Pop Art, Conceptual Art or Land Art. In music, disco, soul, funk folk and psy rock were the main sonorities heard everywhere by the youngest generation. In fashion, women started to value their curves since the 50’s and maintained this line during the 60’s and the 70’s. And this decade also created a lot of style icons. Who does not remember Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver”? And The Charlie’s Angels with Farrah Fawcett?  There’s a really long list that I recommend you to explore and in which also figures Bo Derek, Jane Birkin, Veruschka, Nadia Cassini, Jane Fonda, Camille Keaton or Raquel Welch. The punk scene also emerged during the late 70’s but it will be another theme for AW 2011/2012.

And what about the 70’s trend for this season? Well, here’s some key stuff to start building your 70’s wardrobe:
-          Tie bow blouses
-          Bell bottom jeans
-          Wide high waisted trousers

-          Long skirts
-          Long vaporous dresses
-          Floppy hats
-          Huge retro sunglasses
-          Long golden earrings
-          Nature inspired motives in accessories

-          Tie-dye

-          Strappy wedge sandals

-          Pleated skirts

-          Flower pattern
-          Large bangles
-          Leather bags
-          Fringe
-          Macramé vests and dresses
-          Jumpsuits

-          Palazzo pants
-          Pastels
-          Shorts
-          Vibrant colours

Select one or two pieces you identify yourself with and start building your outfit. Here are some suggestions, using clothes from everyday wear stores such as Zara or Mango.

Hair and Make-up suggestions

All credits from post to Cerise Rouge - read her blog here

Even being far from enjoying this blast from the past reading through her post helped me connect to the trend - I could very well wear a couple of those cute coordinates! At the end of the day, all that matters in fashion is that you experiment and have fun, there's nothing better than reinventing your look - either on or off trend. Now excuse me as I go dig out my 70s records..!

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Daniela Martins disse...

Loved it!
Me too, I'm trying to incorporate some Fawcett on my Hepburn everyday style. It will be easier now with your precious tips, Cerise <3

Thank you, love you :P

Jackpot disse...

Adorei o artigo está tão completo. Gostei principalmente todos os looks polyore!

Guiga Brito disse...

sem dúvida,excelente.
é quase como que um roteiro para quem está perdido e precisa de ver a luz.
saio daqui é com vontade de levar algumas das peças aconselhadas pela polyore dentro do bolso... :)))

beijinhos & keep up the good work!

La Cerise Rouge disse...

Quero deixar aqui o meu agradecimento à Mafalda pelo convite. Apesar dos percalços, foi um enorme prazer poder dar o meu contributo para um dos poucos blogs que sigo bem de perto. Espero, de facto, ter estado à altura ;)
Beijinho e obrigado :)*

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