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An afternoon at the beach: Spontaneous Spring Photoshoot by Mariza Seita

You know that feeling when Spring starts, the sun is shining outside, you take your summer clothes out of that grim corner of the cupboard... I was home on one of my week days off from college (granted by my hectic schedule for this last semester) when my friend Mariza nudged me to ask if I wanted to go to the beach across the river take some shots... Without any reason not to, I got into the first outfit that came to hand and rushed to the bus. I'm fully aware one of my major faults as a style blogger is that I don't post my everyday style pictures nearly enough so hopefully this post and the following will give you an idea of what I usually wear out and about on regular days! This was on the 23rd of March, a fine day to end in a most unexpected manner.

My saddle shoes! They're the most comfortable everyday flats you can get and era accurate too.
All pictures are copyrighted property of Mariza Seita © (click to enlarge)

Outfit Rundown:
Shades: Ray Ban
Dress: Hell Bunny (very old design I got in London years ago)
Sandals: Miss L Fire (as reviewed here)

Looking back, after evolving from japanese street style lolita, I grew into a dolled up rockabilly look that has become somewhat characteristic and even more into vintage/reproduction clothes as of late, so my style is somewhere between both. My recent massive spring clean, giving away all animal printed dresses and similar markedly rockabilly or psychobilly items I didn't feel were quite "me", was driven by this same reason.

As for the surprise, well... I had taken my sandals off and went into the water... but when I had water up to my knees, Mariza with her camera in hand, it started raining so hard we had to pick up our things immediately and make a run for the car! Of course it had to stop raining the minute we got our soaked selves to said vehicle, but it was very funny nevertheless. 
The state of our shoes when we made it back!
All pictures are copyrighted property of Mariza Seita ©

Did you like these pictures? What was your Spring Closet Cleaning like?


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riotdontdiet disse...

adorei as fotos! o vestido é mesmo bonito :D onde tas a fazer spring clean? me wanna see :D x

Anónimo disse...

Obrigada! Ofereci a maior parte da roupa a amigas :) mas se houver algo que possas querer ainda mando-te mensagem <3

Jackpot disse...

Mafalda adorava MESMO fotografar-te. Quero uma sailor pinup no meu álbum de pinups! :D

Anónimo disse...

I'm your gal then <3 Acabo as aulas a 22 de Maio, posso ir aí pouco depois!

Nádia disse...

Adoro os sapatos! AMEI o conceito de sailorette! ;)

Anónimo disse...

Obrigada! <3

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