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Hey Good Looking: Interview with ReeRee Rockette on Rockalily & Wonderful Women

Ahoy! To start the week in beauty, today I'm sharing my latest interview feature with the talented ReeRee Rockette. In a way, reading someone's blog and speaking to them over the years you grow the sort of connection that would make you feel truly happy to see them turn a part time passion into a full time successful job. The pretty girl who blogged about 40s/50s fashion, events in London, tattoos and other musings became something more; in a time people are wary of expressing their true self through tattoos and unique styles due to work market pressure, she's living proof there is another way. If you can't follow the most obvious path, you should just build your own - which is what ReeRee, a great example of an alternative entrepreneur, did. I'd recommend you follow her blog & keep up with these exciting new projects - this lady is bound for the stars.
You've been blogging at Alternatively Lovely for years now, and recently started a new brand, Rockalilly Lipstick. Would you please tell how this project came about and have been evolving?
Without sounding too cheesy, it has all just been a journey leading up to this point. The blog and my changing lifestyle just made me realise that my life wasn't how I wanted it to be, so I made sure I changed it. Rockalily (as an idea) was born just under a year ago and it's really exciting that it has become a reality, and that there are women all over the world now wearing my lipstick.

But that's not all you've been up to - what about Wonderful Women: Minding Our Own Business?
When I became self employed I had a fear of being stuck in front of my computer all alone day after day. In actual fact I have never been so busy and the fear never became a reality. However it did lead me to start Wonderful Women: Minding Our Own Business, which is a support network for creative and quirky women starting their own businesses. I arrange meetings 2/3 times a month, where we meet and discuss issues regarding our business, and usually eat cake and drink cocktails and wine! It has been running for 7 months now, and it has been amazing to see the relationships and businesses grow.

So you're currently hosting meetings and giving talks on business and marketing, promoting your lipstick brand and blogging about all of this and more! What would you say your day-to-day work consists on?
An average day....gosh what it one of those?! I usually blog once or maybe twice a day, so that usually happens first thing, as well as catching up with Twitter and Facebook. I may have an event to go to, a meeting, or I may just be packing and posting Rockalily lipsticks! At the moment I am usually at the Post Office every day too. I ty to make sure I make time to see my friends. I'm lucky enough to still be friends with girls from school, and they don't blog or use Twitter, so its a good escape!

How do you feel about the mid-century vintage fashion scene today, regarding its recent media-inflated popularity?
Umm...I'm not sure! Every summer retro fashion becomes more popular, particularly nautical (a classic rockabilly look) but fashion will always come and go. I think what's great about finally settling into your own style is that you stop worrying about trends.

Please share a picture of your daily glamour/everyday wear and describe it!
For day-to-day outfits, I tend to mix and match a lot. This outfit has a navy skirt, with my Viva Las Vegas t-shirt. I get a lot of compliments on my glasses, which were a vintage present from a friend. I don't stick to one exact style, some days I may look more rockabilly, other days more vintage (usually 1940s or 1950s). This day was a geek-chic day!

What do you fancy the most about being the glamorous ReeRee Rockette?
Ha ha, well I do enjoy my life, but I work hard too! Fashion is fun for me, and I like that my style often seems to cheer others up too.

Finally, would you have a wisdom cupcake for the sailors and sailorettes reading?
I really believe that we live the life we choose. We create our own luck. So choose well and be lucky!

And now for some eye candy; meet the Rockalily girls & this lush new lipstick brand!

Go to to read the blog, find more information and place your orders.


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Emma disse...

I love ReeRee, great to see an interview with her on another of my favourite blogs!

Anónimo disse...

Thank you doll, I'm very flattered! She's great. xx

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