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I love Rock n' Roll: warming up to Quarteira Rock Fest!

SLR is not just a fashion blog. Vintage and alternative music is a big part of my life too, so much that a lot of the events I attend are festivals or gigs! I've written about our musical scene and the amazing people behind these initiatives before - without becoming friends with some of them, I would never have started DJing or come to know a lot of the sounds that fill my ears these days. So those who are too far, or far too uninterested in such matters will have to dismiss this entry - I trust many others will look up or attend these. Hope to see you there!

Lisbon: Groovie Records' 6th Anniversary - June 3rd
To celebrate this anniversary in style, mexican garage band Los Explosivos share Musicbox stage with portuguese punk The Act Ups & spanish garage Del Shapiros. Well known DJs from local 60s club nights will be on decks, but the fun isn't over until the after party in MUV. 

Loulé: QRF Warm Up Party - June 3rd
For those thinking if they should make their way south earlier, U.S.A. invited Sonic Reverends to open for the returning legendary portuguese punk band The Parkinsons to play in Bafo de Baco. In their heyday, The Guardian published "A Parkinsons gig is probably the closest most of us will come to experiencing what an early Sex Pistols appearance was actually like" - and their guitarist Victor Torpedo is sharing turntables with Maria P the night through.

Quarteira: Quarteira Rock Fest!
Finally the night it's all about. The festival is known to pick great garage and punk bands from around the world, and this line-up didn't disappoint! With local Supraheat Surrenders in the first part, Groovie signed Los Explosivos showcase their new record before much awaited garage monsters The Fleshtones and promising new boys in town, The Incredible Staggers. It'll be massive, plus the acts chosen really represent the diversity of the genre these days - there's more to garage than classic swirling organs and cliché fuzz riffs. I expect these bands to deliver the sort of quality act that granted their statuses... after all, a brilliant night makes a great festival.

And that's all for my summer festival of choice. Who's coming?! More about them on

Next is a guest post by Jayne's Kitschen - read the small Vintage Guide to Lisbon I wrote for her blog here!

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