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The Bohemian Weekender: My Birthday Party and The Dixie Boys @ Bafo de Baco 09/04/11

I turned 22 this weekend. And as I think of it, it was one of those days you never really expect too much of and turn out to blow your mind completely. Knowing the The Dixie Boys were playing in my favourite club in the Algarve, Bafo de Baco (Loulé), I headed south to meet some good friends, see a show and spend my birthday Sunday with the family. As some of my oldest readers must've noticed, there are a few Portuguese rock n' roll bands I love, such as Capitão Fantasma, Texabilly Rockets, Dr. Frankenstein, etc that frequently play live around the country. That means I always try to watch their concerts or get their cds upon possibility, being a firm believer that if you are a fan you owe them that kind of support, although this is not the sort of event that comes about every week, sadly. Let's face it - bands, event promoters and clubs all struggle to beat the economic crisis (or social indifference) and present their audience with good shows, even if they can only take things so far. For that, I've to say I'm grateful for knowing and having worked with such wonderful people whose dedication to music has provided so many fun nights through the years - nights like last Saturday.

All pictures are copyrighted property and published with permission of photographer © Labiza Photoart 

Meet Lucky Rick, Rui, Fernando & Mário - The Dixie Boys.

Last time our paths had crossed, I watched (and later raved on) their concert at the Tattoo & Rock Fest '10. Meanwhile, the new album Mean Mean Gal was out and the new songs have been played in stages across the country and abroad - it was Loulé's turn to have a listen to it and thus a steaming set of brilliant tunes from Rockin' Storm and their latest work  were followed up by classic songs Bop-a-Lena and a Stray Cat Strut cover. As you could've expected, they had everyone in the near full house dancing, shaking or at the very least tapping to the rhythm. That is what makes me enjoy rockabilly music, and think it's almost impossible not to, if not like it, at least dance to it... an urge to move comes over you! Their energy on stage is thrilling to watch, too - The Dixie Boys are one of those acts you can tell are professional, well trained enough to get on stage and give their all without looking uptight or sounding artificial. Their every note, every move has feeling and that sort of passion is what makes music worth listening to and life worth living. In all honesty, my heart skipped a beat was when they played Happy Birthday for Cherry Bomb shop's owner & me (both birthday girls), something about having one of your favourite bands dedicate you a song does make you feel real special!
Before and right after the show, the amazing DJ Greaser was on decks entertaining the crowd with sounds from Rn'B to Rockabilly, ending with some good old Psychobilly. It's quite interesting that over time I've come to know so many songs he plays from my own DJing, but still learn so much from his sets every time!

Meanwhile, there I was amidst the audience, extremely pleased that this night out meant I also got to dress up in my new favourite dress by Lady K Loves, dance and socialize a bit with a very special crowd I don't get to see nearly enough; my friends from the south! These people, this exact bar, in that town, make me feel like nowhere else.

Next set of pictures was taken during and after the show - and none of us even noticed that, which may just be the reason they turned out so well. The photographer Labiza, who shot all of these, is quite a talented gal. Enjoy!

We were caught dancing close to stage.

These last two shots were brought to you by my clumsiness... We both actually slipped and fell dancing to the last song of the show, and he wanted to know if I was alright!
All pictures are copyrighted property and published with permission of photographer © Labiza Photoart 

So my Saturday night was absolutely out of this world in the best of ways. By Sunday, while having my family day celebrating with a day out at the spa and beach before family dinner I was overwhelmed with calls, texts, online messages and comments wishing me a happy birthday. It's in these situations you realise how many of the people you know are truly present and care for you and luckily, I have so many it surprised me! 


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riotdontdiet disse...

essas fotos tao perfeitas! e devo dizer q o vocalista da banda é jeitoso :P pra nao falar do estilo q eu adoro!
tenho q os ouvir :)

Anónimo disse...

Pois estão, a fotógrafa é fantástica <3 pois é, pois é... Podes ouvir em xox

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