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The Vintage Glossy: Gil Elvgren's Pin Up Artwork & Bettie Page Clothing's Elvgren line

I've been dying to post an opinion article that will surely interest you all, but meanwhile have been keeping busy with other musings and that little thing some like to call a personal life. Today's post is about two great names of the pin up culture. Gil Elvgren for his fun and quirky artwork and Bettie Page (whose name was later used for a retro style brand) as the ever adored burlesque dancer. 

Funnily enough, Elvgren's models couldn't be further from the idyllic image we know and have come to shape our image of pin up around! Here are some examples of his original models and resulting artwork.

"Gil Elvgren сhοѕе models wіth a ‘high brow, long neck, eyes thаt wеrе set wide apart, small ears, pert nose, fаntаѕtіс hair, full bυt nοt overblown breasts, nice legs аnd hands, a pinched-іn waist аnd natural grace аnd poise.” Tο thеѕе inherent features, Gil Elvgren wουld add embellishments bу building up thе bust, increase thе legs, reducing thе waist more, adding more tip аnd tilt tο thе nose, mаkіng thе mouth fuller аnd more sensuous, enlarging thе eyes, аnd mаkіng thе curves οf thе body warmer аnd more attractive.  Mοѕt οf аll, bυt, hіѕ models hаd tο bе enthusiastic аnd interested, аnd hаνе highly mobile facial features, capable οf a wide range οf expression." (from Kings Galleries)
Knowing how close to home these illustrations are for so many retro gals around, this new collection Tatyana designed for Bettie Page Clothing is a winning move. After all, who hasn't dreamt of being a Elvgren pin up?

On a $114~$124 price range, it's a given fact they're not the most affordable day (or night) dresses around, but they are within the brand's context - and why not splurge a bit on that one special piece? I think they're fantastically reproduced from the drawings, plus can't help being drawn in by the idea of wearing something right out of one of Gil Elvgren's illustrations by one of the finest brands around - this line is as dreamy as it gets with retro fashion.

What do you think of these? What's your favourite?


4 comentários:

LovelyPinup disse...

How cute! I've seen all those dresses before and never connected that they were totally similar to those old artworks!

Jackpot disse...

Olha que grande ideia!
Adorei o primeiro: i'm a sucker for black & white stripes.


Anónimo disse...

@LovelyPinup: Indeed! It makes them special somehow, doesn't it?

Anónimo disse...

@Daniela Sousa: Também achei! Grande ideia e excelente marketing da parte deles <3 também mas acho que o meu favorito acaba por ser o Surprised (vermelho) por ser tão "vestido de noite", com uma silhueta elegante mas não inteiramente básica. xxx

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