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The Vintage Glossy: Miss L Fire Reproduction Lucite Bags Online at What Katie Did

1950's Lucite Handbag Ad (source)
Just a small post today as I've a busy day/weekend coming, plus will post something exciting on another blog as a guest!
It just so happens that after ordering new seamed stockings last night, looking through What Katie Did's New Additions I found the Miss L Fire reproduction lucite bags are online! This was the first time I've ever seen them for sale on a website since reading about on Fleur de Guerre's blog which is a shame as they are only stocked overseas, so I was really happy to see them. Even if I can't buy any of them yet, a girl can dream... especially knowing how rare it is for brands to produce such authentic reissues of popular models of the 1950s.

I want this bag more than I could say! My absolute everyday bag is a vintage enamel number from the 1960s that could very well do with the company. It's big enough and looks so classy. Call me basic but pretty casual wear has to be one of my biggest challenges every single day. 

And then something for the evening! This will most likely require some sort of inner bag, but it's icy look and the detailing is absolutely stunning. It strikes me as the sort of bag that does a floaty full swing dress justice.

Another night purse! I can imagine wearing it with a lush wiggle skirt and high heels. Love the bright colour, the shape is fantastic... This is proof, again, vintage style doesn't have to be boring or unattractive! 

The perfect handbag for summer, brightly printed dresses and... picnics? I clearly have a thing for small bags, besides the cute colour and little engraved patterns add some charm to it!

Va-va-voom! If I could only use three words to describe this one I'd say sleek, small and practical. Seems spacious enough, I'm a sucker for big handles (like to stroll around with my bag in my arm) and the turtle/leopard-like pattern on the lucite makes a marvelous effect.

The whole range is absolutely brilliant, so I will surely save up to get Juvenile Delinquent and Prom Date in a near future - though I wear vintage bags a lot, some come with little flaws or get used over time.

See the Miss L Fire lucite reproduction bag range here at What Katie Did or Miss L Fire's new online shop.

Are you a fan of vintage or reproduction handbags? Which one of these is your favourite?


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