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The Bohemian Weekender: My afternoon at the Lisbon Flea Market/Swap Meet (May 28th)

This Saturday I visited friends at the Swap Meet one of them had organized. It was  awesome! The concept is everyone is allowed to bring just brought in 2nd hand and vintage clothing to sell or trade with other 'vendors'; now add some food/drinks, live guitar and recorded music and you have a sweet afternoon. Since thrift shopping has always been a habit of mine, and is also a growing trend after recent economic developments, so this sort of initiative has my whole hearted support. Here are a few pictures of the rooms, they were awash with wonderful things! I got a summery 40s shirt dress, a 50s knit bathing suit and a white knit house cardigan for €10, just blimey.  

With Joana's 80s hipster specs.. not too shabby aha!
What I wore:
Retro plastic bow clip: Às de Espadas
Silk scarf: Vintage heirloom from grandmother
Knit top: Vintage, from charity shop Humana
Jeans: Freddie's of Pinewood
Bag (not in pic): Vintage, from Feira da Ladra (flea market)
Shoes: Secret Shop

(The trench is Christian Dior... Too bad it's a men's model!, I'd have bought it!)

I still had an eye on a 50s jacket, a skirt and a dress upon leaving, so I'm looking forward for the next edition - hopefully there'll be more people buying and selling! May you see something you like, just get in touch with participants here.

After the swap meet, I made my way into Bairro Alto to buy Besame Cosmetics' compact powder at exclusive stockist 
 Às de Espadas - it was quite the shopping haul! I had been eyeing everything on their make up line forever, and the minute my compact died I knew it was time to try them out. Not only is the packaging gorgeous; the make up is flawless! Can't wait to get pink lipstick and some eyeshadows too.
Stock photo from Besame Cosmetics' website.

Impromptu shot. The new postcards are lovely and  the store's just
revamped their vintage clothing and accessory stock, it's  well worth a visit!


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