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My Favourite Things: 5 Vintage Pearls in Lisbon

I recently had a less than nice comment about how I don't pay enough attention to local shops and designers-makers here at SLR. That couldn't be further from the truth, as even though a portion of my closet is ordered from overseas I've always tried to get to know and support local shops! After my Sailorette's Guide to Vintage in Lisbon guest blog earlier in the week, yesterday I spent hours walking around some awesome thrift and vintage shops with Inês from The Perfect Drug coming home with a good few fantastic 50s to 70s vintage pieces. Today's post is my advice for local girls on the look out for frocks with a history.

Photo: Feira da Ladra circa 1970s
Feira da Ladra
The historic Tuesday and Saturday flea market is located uptown in Mercado de Sta. Clara, it's the place to find anything. I've bought at least four of my favourite dresses and handbags there for real bargains, and seen lots more I wish I could've gotten over the years. Of course, picking up clothes from a pile on the floor is hardly glamorous, or some pieces may be dirty but a little patience caring for your new frock will fix whatever issues. The insane supply of anything from antiques to vinyl records, modern second hand clothing to alternative crafts starting at 50 cents, makes your visit fun even if you don't find anything to suit you. It's the perfect start for a weekend, considering the tram or bus goes past some of the city's most characteristic neighbourhoods, too!

Still on the thrift department, this vintage savvy charity shop has a nice clothing selection with price tags that don't break the bank in all their local shops, but specially the one on AvAlmirante Reis,104-B.  

From jewellery to luggage, and mid-century until the 1980s this shop stocks fairly priced different and all around wonderful garbs and accessories. So much so, after buying a few items this last visit I still had another few under my eye! Besame (40s style) make up is specially worth checking, them being exclusive stockists in Portugal. Travessa da Boa Hora, 39.

A Outra Face da Lua is  easily the most famous vintage shop, sharing walls with their own Tea Room at Rua da Assunção, no. 22 with racks full of men and ladies' frocks and accessories, mostly 1960s-1970s-1980s priced upper on the scale. Twin store Viúva Alegre (Rua dos Douradores, 119also sells dead stock clothing with a penchant for later periods is also worth a visit. Don't forget their Outlet (Rua de São Nicolau, 17) to have a gander at cheaper options

Finally, Blow Up's shelves are filled with competitively priced 60s-to-80s american streetstyle oriented trends, complemented with an accessories collection that includes sunglasses, scarves, bags and label items like Adidas sneakers, Fred Perry polos and Lonsdale bags. Plus the owners are very sartorial savvy, it's a great spot to shop. 

For more shops, museums, tea rooms, record shopping and club crawl tips check here.


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