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Vintage Glossy: Retro Girl's Guide to UK Online Shopping by Jayne Read

After the widely popular guest blog by Ms. Retro Chick, I've recently teamed up with Jayne from Jayne's Kitschen; we'll now contribute to each other's blogs on a monthly basis. She is a new retro blogger with a penchant for kawaii and we've so much in common that reading her blog is, if not revisiting things I love, finding new ones I surely will. After I mentioned ordering clothing from across the pond, Jayne immediatly suggested a great few UK online boutiques that post to the EU... and her suggestions were too good not to have her turn into a guest blog!
You can read my guest post on her blog herehope you like these - don't forget to see and follow her blog here.

The lovely Mafalda has asked me to write this blog with some pointers to some retro, vintage inspired UK shops that ship to the EU. Here in the UK we are lucky that we have a great range of vintage shops and vintage inspired shops. Of late, the 40s/50s style has become increasingly popular, with the burlesque and pin up subculture becoming more common, seeping into mainstream fashion and culture too. This blog will let you know some of the best online shops the UK has to offer, that will ship to the EU, happy shopping!

Many of the popular vintage inspired brands originate from the States, but buying from America can be time consuming and incur extra costs, this blog will give you some hints of where else to shop. Many of the online shops in the UK stock American brands such as StopStaring!, Bettie Page and Trashy Diva.

Check out 20th Century Foxy for a fantastic range from those big names and some from their own range, 20th Century Foxy sell a full range of clothing, shoes and accessories, all products in their shop modelled both some of the UK’s finest burlesque talent such as Anna Fur Laxis and Missy Malone.

Dollydagger is a Brighton based shop, who stock vintage inspired clothing, accessories and home wares with a rockabilly, kitsch twist. They offer a good range of Irregular Choice shoes, Tarina Tarantino jewellery and a range of their own design clothing. Their website is colourful, exciting and easy to use, plus they offer a reasonable postage cost to the EU.

The UK has also created some fantastic vintage inspired ranges of its own, some of which you may not have come across before and others that are world famous. London based Vivien of Holloway are a leading provider of replicate vintage dresses, using wonderful cotton fabrics and original patterns, they offer pencil dresses, circle dresses and a range of casual wear. Watch out with Vivien of Holloway clothing though, as the sizes are based on 40s and 50s patterns and are a lot smaller than modern dress sizes. The website has a size guide, so be sure to check it out before you buy!

Tara Starlet is another big vintage inspired range, offering a full range of casual and evening wear drawing from vintage styles. They offer a young, fun and wearable range, with a rockabilly feel. From traditional tea dresses to Peter Pan collar blouses with embroidered swallow detail. Tara Starlet recently managed to claim a place in the London flagship Topshop, expressing the growing interest in the vintage style.

As many of you have probably experience, jean shopping is particularly tricky, especially when trying to maintain a vintage feel to your look. Freddies of Pinewood are a fantastic label that offers reproduction 40s and 50s denim for men and women at very reasonable prices. Freddies of Pinewood also offer a small range of causal vintage inspired tops.

Get Cutie and Dig for Victory are both Brighton based fashion labels, which are well worth checking out. Get Cutie is very retro, providing a range of timeless dress and skirt styles in a range of retro, fun and kitsch prints, handmade and extremely unusual. Dig for Victory are another label that uses vintage patterns, they also frequently use vintage fabric to create the prettiest dresses for most evening and daytime wear. They also have a range of kitsch romper suits in colourful, comic book inspired fabrics for the more adventurous fashionistas!

As mentioned previously, the vintage style in the UK has been highly influenced by the increasing interest in the burlesque culture. Pearls & Swine are one of the leading providers of handmade and custom burlesque accessories, the place to go for pasties, merkins, masks and fascinators. The hair accessories and jewellery, however will appeal to a wide range of vintage lovelies.

If you are not in the market for clothing right now, the UK can offer some fantastic vintage inspired gift ranges too. Rose & Co, a shop from Yorkshire, England; whose Leeds branch stocks a range of fashion; have a fantastic range of quintessentially English and extremely vintage inspired cosmetics available online. There is a whisper that they may start to sell their clothing and accessories online too, so keep an eye out! Dollydagger also offer a lovely range of giftwares, such as affordable jewellery and cosmetics.

This guest post was written by Jayne('s Kitschen), click to check out her fabulous blog!


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