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Daily Glamour: Introducing the Radioactive Vintage Dress!

Being on holiday, even in Lisbon, is very relaxing so I've been spending a lot of time just catching up with friends (and sleep!) lately. In the meantime, visiting charity shops and the flea market has become a recurrent passtime, seeing how my closet needs urgent rebuilding. The war-time motto "Make do and mend" morphed into mend and re-use in the current vintage market as many pieces have minor damage and people's closets are a lot bigger than they used to. The concept of making do seems more and more foreign to my generation; we want things, we want a lot of them and we want them immediatly. This consumerist mindframe can be an obstacle if you have little funds in a increasignly expensive, and obviously limited, vintage market. Like any girl, I love to go in a shop, have styling help and try gorgeous frocks on, full aware the price tag will reflect the work put into each piece. So if looking through piles of clothes over a blanket on the floor to find that one dress that needs washing, mending, etc means I can get more threads and accessories without breaking the bank, why would I mind the extra work? This was another fun morning at the flea market with a friend.

My haul: two beaded and one rafia handbags! The navy one even has velvet lining.

Part two: vintage picture-cards of 1940s-1950s hollywood starlets. They'll make brilliant decor, I'm still thinking of how to display them in a way that does them justice.

This is what I looked like when I got back home for lunch, appologies in advance for bad setting!

What I wore
Retro Bow Hairclip: Às de Espadas
Day Dress: Vintage, from Swap Meet/Flea Market
Bag: Vintage, from Feira da Ladra (flea market)Belt: Primark
Shoes: Secret Shop


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Elle disse...

You were the one that took the bag I had been flirting :] How much was it?

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